Let's Talk About Sex

Can you tell if your partner is “faking it”?

man and woman

This is not our usual type of post, but in talking to a friend earlier today, this question question came up.  Can you tell when a woman is actually having an orgasm?  Can you tell if she’s faking it?  I know back in the day (pre-orgasms), I won’t say that I was necessarily faking it, but I knew that I wasn’t experiencing the same experience as my ‘lover’ was.  It wasn’t until I finally did have an orgasm that I knew exactly what I was missing out on during sex.  I found out a very interesting fact via my OBGYN; only 23-25% of women under the age of 27-31 experience orgasms.  While we are equipt to have babies at a very early age, our bodies don’t actually begin to have this wonderful experience until we are much older.  So here are my two questions:

FOR THE MEN:  can you tell when your woman has orgasmed during sex?  If yes, how do you know for sure?

FOR THE WOMEN:  have you ever faked it for the sake of your man during sex? If yes, what are the things that you do to make this convincing? 

This query is not about Fellatio or Cunniligus– only sexual intercourse.  My other (male) cohort (for the blog) and I are preparing to post an age old man/woman debate soon.  Hopefully we’ll get that posted in the very near future.  But please don’t be shy you guys– there are no judgements here!

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