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Feel Good Fridays (FGF): Billy Joel

In keeping up with our new contributor, Janedoh (and her pops too) who reminded us how cool the piano is, here’s another music selection based on some pure piano skills.  Yes, the lyrics talk about a woman being the ‘kiss of the spider woman“, but that’s not really relevent to us in posting this song right now.  We do recognize that some women are just as venomous as some men (we are not bias here on that subject), but this musical choice is all about the piano! I have to admit, I thought this artist was the ‘shit’ back then (no “crush” on him implied).  I just thought this man was an example of pure music genius.  His hits will always remain timeless to me.  But what do you say?  Also, should there be a video with music, or is the music more important instead?  Just curious.  Aside from this additional “unprofessional poll”, his name is Billy Joel, the year was 1978 and the song was called “Stiletto“… so do enjoy!  I sure will!  PEACE!

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays (FGF): Billy Joel

  1. All in all, that was a very good album; the best one, really. I really can’t stand when these “hipsters” make fun of his music, when in reality much of the current market is glutted with mediocrity.
    Having said that, I REALLY think he should get more age appropriate women.

    • Well said… I’m glad you not only liked it, but knew the song! And I second that– Billy really should get with someone closer to his age. I think it begins to look really ridiculous (clears throat: Morgan Freeman and child) after certain point.

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