Some "Sexy" to get you going (men)

Does Halle Berry have a sister?

Okay… I’ve posted a few pics of some men I thought had very cool sex appeal, so I thought it would be appropriate to post a woman for the guys out there (who view our site) as well.  

In checking my personal emails just now, a buddy of mine sent an email claiming that this woman is Halle Berry’s sister.  Now…  I did know that Halle has a sister, but I’m not really sure if this woman is actually her.  Nevertheless, I’ll post a few of these pics he sent (he sent about 25) with our male readers in mind .  He always forwards everything he gets, to me…(for some reason).   Since I have posted some “eye candy” for women who view this site… I thought this would be fair.   So guys– enjoy (I’m sure you will though… smile). 

If you men out there don’t leave a comment after these shots– I will never do this again cuz’ I know we have some lurkers!!  LOL!   So here you go and enjoy!  (Oh yeah, not to discriminate, if there are some women who are gay– enjoy this too).  I could really care less about anyone being gay– it doesn’t affect me at all.   But I don’t like the whole “behind the closet/downlow” thing.  I’m a heterosexual woman, but I can’t deny that there are gay people in my family.  “To each his own”,  is what I always say!



halley's sis1

hally sis 5


hally sis 4

P.S.  Hey… if you want more… you only have to ask!  (smile)

6 thoughts on “Does Halle Berry have a sister?

  1. Well I will say these pics are making me heavily consider cutting my hair short again 🙂 The girl is pretty, but I don’t know about her being Halle’s sister, lol.

    • It is a really cute cut… I think Halle looks best with short hair too! And I don’t know… it could be her sister. The one picture I’ve seen of her when they were young, they didn’t look like each other at all. But hey, I thought it would be fair to post some pictures for the guys at least once! (smile)

    • Yes she is! Not gay/bi or bi-curious, but I’m totally cool with given credit to our form. We are very lovely creatures that’s for sure!

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