Serious Shit

This is child abuse!

I just recieved an email that shows a “mother” improperly combing her daughter’s natural hair in a very abusive way.  I consider this child abuse so if anyone out there recognizes this woman, they should report her to child protective services immediately.  This child is clearly in pain!  The mother is cursing at her, threatening her and she actually pins the child down on the floor twice!  This poor child even screams out; “I hate you”, through her tears!  A special note for any potential white case worker who might receive this case, the way this child’s hair is being combed is completely incorrect so this child should be protected with the full strength of the law!  This should not fall through any-so-called “legal cracks”!

The person video taping this should be held accountable as well, as she is standing by watching and laughing during this attack.  It’s very disturbing to know that they would post something like this to the internet.  Unfortunately, I do not know how to post videos from Zshare yet, but this is an utter disgrace so I feel it’s important to get this information out as quickly as possible.  Here is the link that takes you directly to the video. <iframe src=”” height=”435″ width=”530″  border=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no></iframe>

 No racist comments will be posted with this story.


8 thoughts on “This is child abuse!

  1. Just sad. Number one, did you check out the title of this video? That child’s hair is not nappy and where did the mother learn how to comb hair? A nazi camp? Sheesh. I am sure she doesn’t comb her own hair that way, so why inflict that onto her child.

    • Yes, I saw that title! And is it me? I really think this is child abuse… she’s pulling that girls hair directly out of head! She is going to be traumatized by that. That “mother” seriously needs a wake up call for this! I hope somebody will recognize her and report her azz… that will wake her up for sure. And I agree, her hair is not nappy.

  2. The mother is 32 and it’s her 17 year old daughter recording the abuse Tiffany(the “mother”) works at Costco in the Finance Department in the Detroit area but she lives in St.Clair Shores Mi. The daughter recording it is Temperance. There are 2 other videos one of her actually hitting the child. Tiffany’s sister owns Sound and Secure Stereo and Security systems in Detroit.

    • Thank you so much! I will be reporting this to the authorities first thing in the A.M. YOU ARE AN ANGEL! By any chance, can you forward the other two videos or point me to where they are? I’m sure CPS would love to view them as well! Thanks again for speaking out!

      • I’ve tried to locate the other 2 videos but they continue to be removed but they eventually pop back up everyday. Google “disturbing video of hair combing” and the forums will have new links up. Also in several of the forums they have narrowed down her address based on photos from her daughters page that shows the street number of their home in St. Clair Shores(that’s the police department that you need to contact to report this because Detroit PD doesn’t have juristriction over St.Clair Shores. In the other 2 videos Tiffany is hitting the little girl with a brush and in the other the little girl whose name is Autumn has a black eye. The little boys name is Ian. Tiffany has a page at and she has a pic of herself up and she is suggesting that someone shoots a guy by the name of Jerry Santos from a non-profit group.

      • I’ve forwarded the video to Child Protective Services and have contacted the police. I actually gave the police the information, but they’re asking me for a last name and physical address. The other tip I recieved actually listed the company names of both the Tiffany and her sister… I would think that might narrow things down a bit. And the second child is a boy?! My bad. And they do keep taking the videos down, that’s why I forwarded the one I have for sure to CPS. I think my next step will be the local news. That should get the wheels turning. These people are really disturbed– I saw the other two videos… it’s breaking my heart that I can’t find these kids! Thank you so much for the tips, Anon!

  3. yaw trippin, y yaw tryna put all my biznass out ther Fuck all yaw haters! I hate stupid people!I got more money den all yaw hoes! All yaw need to no is I’m me!

    • do you think this is funny somehow? really… if you are not here to help this cause, please don’t disrupt the rescue of an innocent child. this is something that needs to, and will be addressed. and that’s a big azz period on that. either you are coming forth to join our family or be gone… because we will save THIS child! write again… I DARE YOU!

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