An FYI when using the “search button” for the music we’ve posted…


While we are still slightly new to blogging, we are slowly but surely getting the hang of things.  The other day, I was just curious that if any reader would use the search button here, would they find what they are looking for?  So I did a “test run” to see what might appear.  I was a little surprised that under the Music Selections that we’ve posted, everything did not show up under that.  So I did another search today and discovered that you’d have to be slighly more specific.  Instead of typing in the word “music” you’d have to type in how they are “tagged”. 

We post two music postings per week… one is under “Mid-Week Jams” (or MWJ), the other is under “Feel Good Fridays” (or FGF).  I just discovered that if you type the “tag” phrases (MWJ or FGF) you will find most all of them.  

I will have to send a message to tech support to figure how what I may have done wrong, but I honestly thought that the word “music” would show all of the music that’s been posted with Why O’ Why.  And since I’m on this subject… here’s an “unprofessional” quick poll…

Would you prefer to see a music video with songs that you hear, or is that not so important (making the audio the most “critical” thing) when hearing music?  Just curious.  We’d appreciate your feedback on this.  Feel free to leave your full comments, but here’s a short way to respond; A) yes, I like videos with my music, or B) not as important as the audio.  Let us know– we certainly want to improve your listening pleasure because dammit son– we love music here!  Thanks!

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