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YAZ… the birth control that is touted to be “the one”!

birth control

I was just about to shut it down and then an advertisement for an Attorney’s office appeared on the television.  It said that YAZ is causing serious side affects and if you’ve experienced these [symptoms], contact their office for legal counsel.  A big ass “hmmm” yet again!  I keep saying that our government is NOT looking out for our best interest.   The “regulated” pills that we ingest could do more harm than good!  It’s a damn shame that we can’t trust the very entities that are supposedly helping us.  I’ve never liked the birth control pill because the short period I attempted to take them, they made me sick as hell!  I believe in condoms and spermicides for my “baby deterrent”.   But really, it is freightening to think that a birth control pill that has been so heavily advertised recently, might be doing more harm to your body rather than good.  I also can’t think for a moment, that the pharmecutical industry didn’t know this, coming out the gate with this product!  We are being used as ‘test rats’ with a lot of the drugs that have surfaced in recent years.  Remember Phen-Phen (or however it’s actually spelled)?  That “safe” diet pill that came out some time ago?   It actually ended up causing serveral deaths and was eventually banned! 

I remember another form of birth control… it was an implant that you wore in your arm… remember that one, ladies?  Well, I remember one person I encountered had that implanted for at least 4 years.  When she finally decided she wanted another child, she had it removed.  But guess what— she had a “period” for almost 9 months after its’ removal!   She bled like she was having her menstral cycle for so long, she experienced anemia along with some other unsavory side affects! 

Man… we really have got to wake the hell up and ‘check’ our government for anything they say is “okay”.  It seems now that we’ve got to pay close attention to the FDA, or any regulatory entity too.  Can you see that our lives are no longer regarded as sacred?  Can you see the subtle pattern emerging?  I mentioned back when I wrote a piece on Gardisil (you can see that post here: Gardasil… is this bad for your health after all?), to “watch out”… because I recognized that some shit IS coming with this drug.  Mark my words, we WILL hear about Gardisil next.  YAZ was a short lived “break–through with birth control before it’s now being exposed.  And before I sign off on this particular post, when using condoms, “Lambskin” should have been off the markets at least two decades ago in my opinion.  Fairly good for preventing pregnacy, but not HIV/AIDS.  So if there are people still using that particular condom… do your research PLEASE!  Fuckin’ Government makes my stomach hurt!  Why must I always have to be alert?  I’m just trying to find a place where I can have a mimosa, enjoy a cool sunny day, play with kids and dogs, and live life “happily ever after”!  FUCK!!!!

10 thoughts on “YAZ… the birth control that is touted to be “the one”!

  1. Oh boy, did you pick the PERFECT submit for me to comment on, lol. *Men may just want to pass this comment up, lol* let’s begin…I was a user of YAZ. I first want to say that I don’t like birth control pills simply because anything that messes with the natural rhythm of my body is a big no no. I didn’t like that “Aunt Flo’s visits were cut short while taking the pill. Of course, no woman enjoys getting her monthly but we are meant to bleed and the pill was interrupting that. Once I broke up with my boyfriend, I stopped taking YAZ. I had stopped taking YAZ once before, so I should have been prepared for what happened two weeks later. Out of the blue one night, I had HORRENDOUS (cannot stress this enough) stomach pains. Make you lie on the floor, clutching your phone, and dialing 911 pains. It lasted for all of ten minutes. To top it off (as if that wasn’t bad enough) I bleed very heavily during my periods for the next three months. I swore from that day on, I would not take another birth control pill.

    • Wow! That is so disturbing! I really do feel like we are being used as “lab rats” with the things that are put out in recent years. The weird part was just how I stumbled onto this information. I was simply about to turn the tv off the other night and a commercial ran from an attorney’s office! I sure hope the word gets out about this too.

  2. I too am on Yaz and have been for about 6 months or so. I have no sex drive now. I used to be the one craving sex and now my fiance is the one who wishes I would put out once in a while. It’s driving me mad! The reason I got on Yaz in the first place was for PMDD and it worked wonders for me there but then I started having problems with dryness. I saw a GYN and she recommended another birth control but I got crazy emotional again so I had to go back to Yaz before my fiance killed me. And now I have no natural lubrication or sex drive! I would not recommend Yaz. I thought it was me but I see that I am definitely not the only one with this problem of low sex drive. Anyone else with the dryness problem with Yaz?

    • Hi anwrsplse!!! It’s interesting that you found us and this posting! What ashame that most women are not aware. I do think you’ll be able to find legal assistance for what you’ve experienced too. Hopefully you’re young enough that this failed birth control will not interfer with you EVER having a child. Tell you beau to have patience too— it’s not easy being a women (smiles). Thanks for stopping by and welcome to our family.

    • Glad to see an Atty. weigh in on this. I saw a local ad for an Atty., but I don’t think most of my readers are taking the matter seriously. Something about Yaz and Gardisal raised a red-flag for me from the very start. While I think most understand the seriousness of a blood clot, I don’t think most understand pulmonary embolisms. Hopefully they will see your website and contact you for more information. Thanks again for weighing in, I think this will be very helpful.

  3. Your are providing a great service to get this information out to your readers. There has been much confusion on this issue. There will be many developments in the future and we will try to keep them informed. Hopefully by getting this information out to your viewers they will be in a better position to make a informed decision when they are deciding which
    birth control pill to use. Glad we can help. Keep up the good work.

    • That’s great news that more information on this important subject is on the horizon. Please keep Why O’ Why informed too. I’d love to do a much needed update on the subject because the ads still run on television (unfortunately). Thanks for the KUDOS too. Not that I ever felt the need to be validated on this subject, but again, an Atty. weighing in on the subject may actually help others who do need to hear another voice. I checked out your website too… looks like you and your colleagues are crusaders for “righting wrongs”. Way to go!!!

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