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Superhead: The tables get turned!


**** UPDATE ****

I can’t figure out why so many of you (more than 500 and counting) keep visiting this post (from July 2009), taking the time to read it but will not comment.  She’s certainly not afraid to talk about folks, so why so shy?  Just curious…

I’ve never really dug this chick at all because I think that her “game” is quite tacky.  If you want to be the “groupie chick” and sleep with all of these men that you claim to have, plus you’re getting paid, I just think you are suppose to keep your mouth shut about it.  But she did just the opposite, as I’m sure everyone is aware of.  Well, looks like the tables are being turned on her.  There’s a new documentary coming out on DVD called; “Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jumpoff”.  Looks like old Superhead AKA Karrine Steffans, has really pissed some people off too.  The trailer also has some rapper chick threatening her; “If I see her, it’s on”.

Karrine has been quoted as saying that she had an abusive childhood which lead her down the path that she took.  Well, I really hate to sound cold in saying this, but how many of us out there hasn’t had it tough in some form?  We all have our crosses to bear, but somehow, most of us go on to make choices that are not self-destructive.  I think this chick is mentally unstable and should have sought some sort of counseling instead of writing a book about her exploits.  I realize that some of us are stronger than others, but there is help out there.  Now the tables are turning on her… and here’s the really funny part… she’s supposedly talking to her attorney’s about this.  For what?  They are only doing to her, what’s she’s done to them.  Sorry Superhead, I’m afraid that I don’t feel sorry for you on this one.  So what are your thoughts about Superhead?  Check out the mud-slinging DVD Trailer:

16 thoughts on “Superhead: The tables get turned!

  1. Damn, if you have an ex-groupie (Pamela Des Barres) saying that you’re doing it wrong as a groupie, then you are doing it wrong! She was old school groupie who had a more, um, symbiotic relationship with her men, because they would be together for years; but this one?!? Superhead? She wore that monicker with pride? Huh, man.
    The men are also at fault here. If they knew she was poison, why would they want to hang with her? Seriously!
    So many things wrong with this.

    • Hi Wilfredo! Welcome back from your vacation, man! I hope you had a great time too!

      I didn’t know that Pamela was an ex-groupie– I don’t really keep up with the people in that twisted game… but her statement does speak volumns, right? And I absolutely agree… the men ARE at fault too for the whole “stepping out thing”. The way I perceive Superhead is that she positioned herself as a “trustworthy” person (well, for what it’s worth in that arena), and like a prositute, you’re getting paid to “do your thing, so whatever is happening behind closed doors, should be just that… behind closed doors, you know? Not saying I’m right about the way I feel on this subject, but I did think it was interesting that she’s trying to consult with her Attys, while she’s done the same type of expose’ on countless of others. The old adage is true, “you reap what you soe”, you know? Let me ask you, would you get with a “superhead” type? Just curious…

  2. Okay, Jazz, I actually had some time to think about it. What it comes down to is that I wouldn’t be with a woman that calls herself Superhead, no matter how alluring that may sound, lol!

  3. I didn’t realize that so many have stopped by on this post. Since I just discovered the post, here’s my 2 cents to get the ball rolling.

    Karrine is a bonefide toxic slut. She makes the “game” have a bad rep. I actually have that documentary… some went hard on her in the film, but not hard enough in my opinion. I agree with you guys when you mention that if you’re going to “play”, you should keep your mouth shut. I can’t believe so many people actually bought her books either. (My wife has her first book). I have a buddy in the music biz and he’s experienced what has made her infamous (HENCE THE NAME SUPERHEAD). He says her skills are exceptional, but regrets it now cuz he had no idea that she was doing the “superhead technique” with everyone she’s encountered. BUT SHE IS FINE, FAKE TITTIES AND ALL! Yeah, more good convo for later with my fam over drinks and dominoes!

    Keep doing your thing “YOY”… the good and the bad needs to be exposed and this site is ONE STOP SHOPPIN’ for real! LOL.

    • Awe… thanks for the kudos “this site is ONE STOP SHOPPIN’ for real!” I’m blushing!!!!

      I bet your friend was nervous thinking she might have past him an STD! Hopefully they had their tryst early on because there’s a rumor that one of the rappers she hooked up with has Herpes! YIKES!!! And even if she IS fine, don’t you think she’s a little mentally unstable?

  4. WOW! I’ have to ask him how long that was now because isn’t herpes the one you can’t cure?

    Was that Busta Rimes? I heard about that rumor not to long ago. Here’s a funny part, Rimes is friend’s of the guy I’m talking about (well, so he claims, I’ve never met him). And let me just correct this, superhead is fine, but I am happily married. I look, drool over, but NEVER touch! When I got married, I was ready to be with the love of MY life for the time I remain on earth. I sowed all my wild oats before marriage. Still have my Playboys, watch the porno, but only getting it on with my lovely, fine ass (even after the kids) wife! yeah, we are both very happy with each other sexually and everything else. 10 years of marriage and counting

    And yes, superhead aint rapped too tight in the mind. she’s fine to look at, but that’s all for me. I wouldn’t touch her with a 10 feet pole as my grand pops used to say.

    • Yes, Busta is the rumored guy who’s spreading the gift that keeps on giving! hahaha (hopefully your friend didn’t get burned)

      “When I got married, I was ready to be with the love of MY life for the time I remain on earth. I sowed all my wild oats before marriage. Still have my Playboys, watch the porno, but only getting it on with my lovely, fine ass (even after the kids) wife!” I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT! I happen to know that it’s possible with men who are mature and don’t treat marriage like its some sort of game that’s only temporary. Good for you and your lucky wife!!!

      And I agree, she is way to cute for her poor behavior. What’s really sad, is she has a son! YIKES!

    • Hi there! And THANK YOU! I try to do what I can when posting (hahaha)! I think that she gives ALL WOMEN a bad name, when most of us are the opposite of her behavior.

      She, in short… SUCKS (pun intended, LOL)!!

  5. she is a sexy gal. would i fuck with her? well that’s another story. she has to be stretched to the limit. just stopping by with my opiniion. did a search for ‘superhead’ and came across your site. 500 and counting for readers on this post? surprised that so many have nothing to say.

    i don’t have a problem with saying my piece. hey, superhead is dirty. that’s my say about her. would i put my snake in her mouth? yes, anytime (with a rubber). if she’s dirty like that, i can’t change her but i would be fine to have her licking me until her heart’s content. i am going to by the dvd about her and her types . interesting post I may come back again. you wanted feedback, you got it. 69 til the end of time!!!!!!

    • Hi Howard! Well… that’s some feedback for your ass that’s for sure! hahaha! Funny and raw… I LIKE IT! Thanks for setting the tone on this post too. Maybe this will open up folks to saying what they really think about her. It’s crazy to think that so many continue to read this old post, but have “nothing” to say about an OBVIOUS HO!!! hahahaha! I not only dislike her because of her exploits, but she is raising a son while behaving badly!!!

      P.S. glad you mentioned that you’d use a condom– at least your practicing safe sex! (smiles)

    • Hi… thanks for the encouragement! We are simply finding our way to bring home the points we’d like to see on the web. So many things to cover with so little time, you know?

  6. The topic Superhead: The tables get turned! Why O' Why? is absolutely new for me, but it´s very interesting. I will read more about this topic and make my own opinion. Thanks, Katy Wein

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