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Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): Brenda Russell

I am so happy to officially announce that we have another contributor to our little Family at “Why O’ Why”!   Her name is Janedoh and this is her first posting under our music selections.  We’ve slowed down the music tempo a bit since July 4th, cuz love might actually be in the air for some people out there.  We really dig love over here too.  So without futher ado, here’s Janedoh’s blurb and music choice for this “MWJ”.


This song was picked because it is attached to one of my favorite memories… when I realized my pops was “magical”.  I always knew that my father could play the piano, but as a child I didn’t realize what “playing by ear” meant.  This song was played on one of the stations we frequently listened to (KOST 103.5 for you L.A. folks) and I was stuck.  This lady’s voice and the music behind it were beautiful to my little eight year old ears.  I was then stunned, when after the song ended, my father sat down and played this same tune!   “How is he doing that?”, I thought.   I spent the next couple of minutes looking for wires connecting the piano to the stereo but there were none.  All I thought was; “wow, my dad could make “magic” with his fingers”!   Brenda Russell does the same with her songs to me!  So do enjoy!    Janedoh

2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): Brenda Russell

  1. Huh, ain’t that a kick in the head!? This video is not available in my area. Brenda Ruesell does sound familiar though. I’ll check it out on YouTube.

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