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Is our food poison? A new documentary film breaks it down!

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I talked to someone a while ago that blew my mind.   This person said, “I don’t eat fruits or veggies” and they said this as if they were proud of the fact that they are not treating their body well.  I thought it was a profoundly dumb thing to say and do, because their diet only consists of meat and potatoes or meat and rice!  To do something like this is just ignorant, in my opinion.  But what if we all found out that the food we eat is poorly produced?  Would you just sort of sit back and let this happen or would you get involved to affect change?  A new film is currently in theaters that addresses the foods we eat.  Did you know that the FDA actually use to do their job very well several decades ago?  But now, not so much. 

Check out these facts:

In 1972, the FDA conducted approximately 50,000 food safety inspections, in 2006 the FDA conducted 9,164.  Would it outrage you to find out that for years under the Bush administration, the Chief of Staff at the USDA was a former Chief Lobbyist for the Beef Industry?  And I’ve lost count how many times it’s been reported that beef was recalled, contained e-coli, mad cows disease since the 1990’s.   Or what if you knew that the Head of the FDA (also under Bush) was the former Executive Vice President of the National Food Processors Association?   We all know that the FDA and USDA are the food regulatory organizations.  So doesn’t it seem odd that the heads of these organizations held former positions that’s not necessarily geared toward food safety?  I’m no expert, but these two things leapt off the screen! 

I’m not on the staff of this film so I am not getting paid to spread the word about this film, but I would say, you’d be a fool if you don’t check this important film out.  Wait for it come out on DVD, basic cable– but see it at some point!  And then… get involved.  I can’t be the only person in the world who knows “there are power in numbers“.   It’s not just an expression, it is truth.    Check out the trailer for the film below.  (It’s funny… I’ve not seen this documentary advertised on television since or before it’s come to the theaters.)

5 thoughts on “Is our food poison? A new documentary film breaks it down!

  1. Hmmph! I wish I could say I am surprised but I am not. Thank you for posting this; I have already forwarded it to the masses. Makes me wonder (at least the conspiracy nut in me does) maybe all of this is just a vicious deadly cycle, that comes right back to the trusty dollar. If we are misinformed *cough sometimes lied to cough* about the food we are eating, then in turn getting sick which sends us to the doctor, who benefits? Surely not us. Doesn’t the government benefit? If we keep getting sick, they will keep going to the doctor, so why should they tell us anything that will aid us in not getting sick.

    Awhile back I was looking into Stevia as an alternative to buying Equal for my diabetic mother. The more I read I thought, this is great, why I haven’t we all heard about this. It’s an herb that has been around since the Pre-Columbian times used to sweeten drinks; though its use was first documented in 1887. The FDA refused to give clearance to Stevia, since they didn’t consider it food. It only is now able to be sold in the US because the FDA has categorized it as a dietary supplement. We all know the rep that artificial sweeteners have gotten over the years, so why block something that is natural and has been used for hundreds of years with no known side affects or illnesses? Makes me go hmmm.

    • Hi Janedoh! Okay… I have to say this for anyone who reads us here– i simply cannot wait for you to actually write a piece for Why O’ Why instead of just sending in suggestions. You are officially part of our Family (as we’ve discussed)! This reply was so dead on AND informative! i have never heard of Stevia, but i totally dig alternative, natural forms of healing instead of the synthetic options we are given by pharmacies (i actually can’t get too mad at the doctors b/c they are only doing what they know or are taught). it really is up to us to take care of ourselves (good food, etc.) and we should always question what they try to tell us– they are still human first. all of your points are so well stated it gave me chills! like “i need a blanket now”, chills! LOL! you’ve got me very excited about this one. I think our audience would love to see a full piece on it (hint, hint… not so subtle hint)! Get down, with your bad self!!!!

      BTW… that was a really rushed piece on my part… I’d just return from seeing the film and there was SOOOO much amazing information contained, i had to write really quickly (once i returned) about the things i’d clearly remembered. This is a DVD (when it’s released) that i will be purchasing! i felt so fucked up by this movie i ate a fruit pop (Eddy’s) for dinner. A freezer full of food, but i was just fvck up when I came back i couldn’t think of one thing i wanted to eat! I didn’t even want to eat my tomatoes (something i love)!!! I actually told a close friend of mine that i felt like i wanted to fast indefinitely! LOL! okay– i will eat eventually, but just trying to make a point. i don’t want anyone out there to think i’m going to be anorexic! LOL!

  2. “I actually told a close friend of mine that i felt like i wanted to fast indefinitely!” lol, too funny. Yes I did catch that no subtle hint and thanks for the kind words. I will definitely be looking forward to seeing this movie because the message is so important. This will probably go on my shelf right along with Supersize me. If you haven’t seen it, check it out; it is worth watching.

    • OMG! Yes, I saw that movie too! It was amazing to see how quickly you can kill yourself on McDonald’s! I actually have a relative who eats from there at least 3 times per week and then are wondering why they are sick alot. Some people are really clueless!

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