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Feel Good Fridays (FGF): Me’shell

I will probably be “in trouble” for this one… but I just had to pop in again for the Friday music choice.  You see, I’ve just met a man that makes me “feel” unlike any time in my life.  And when I think about this experience– it draws me back to this song.  Since the “captain of this ship” posted a song by Me’shell too– I thought I’d walk on the “wild side” and post another.  She will probably clarify things later and even change the password here, but I’m like… what the hell!  “Feel Good  Music” on a Friday is just that!  If she forgives me for this, (I’m sure she will) you’ll be able to discern my postings from hers!  Hell… I’m wondering why everyone won’t write their comments because we do see that the blog is being viewed… but I digress.  This one is ALL me– in the future and for the record, the “captain of this ship” is  (why o why or yoy50) Hopefully down the line, why o’ why will show MY postings as “SunnyC” once I create the time to be consistant.  Hey– I just came up with a screen name to distinquish me from “yoy50”.  I don’t think that she will be too mad because we both like this artist– but it WOULD help to see some comments for “my leg on a limb”!  Don’t get me wrong– it’s not THAT serious, but while I have to work, I’m sure she’s “out on the town” tonight.  I only wanted to join in on the music assertions for this Friday.  Sometimes we all take cool chances in life.  So,  as yoy50 would say– enjoy!  No video (I think that’s her thing) but good music still!    SunnyC

4 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays (FGF): Me’shell

    • She’s right, SunnyC! I’m not too mad (smile) although not cool to give no heads up before a post! (Now you know I had to smack ya’). You’re lucky I love ya’ like a sis though! And good choice with Me’Shell… you knew the right one to post!

  1. well, it’s like this here…
    whatever happens, happens and it’s been said/written that “every experience is the right experience”, so let’s just groove wit it -undastandwhati’msayin? and while you bullsh*ttin, this was one of the hottest songs on the CD, and that CD sho was hot…still is, it’s timeless. LOL…just sounds like somebody ‘in love’ – as society says – and ain’t nothin’ wrong with that…we need more of it in the world.

    • “well, it’s like this here”… you sound like my friend (SunnyC)! Something tells me she’s a very lucky lady if you both are connecting like my friend is with the new love in her life! (wink, smile) good for you, man– and I agree we DO need more of that in the world! And yeah… she got a pass, cuz she knows how I feel about Me’shell– a real trendsetter with her style of music. I’m glad someone agrees– that CD is fuckin’ timeless!!! *pauses, places CD in disk- hits “Souls on Ice”, music blasting and starts to bop head back and forth*!

      I’m glad you like it stonez! Peace!

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