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Dick makes ‘dick’ look bad again!!!


Jon Stewart rips Dick Cheney again!  Yet again, political satire does what mainstream media fails to do.  I still can’t figure out why this nation cares what Dick has to say.  When he was in office, he wouldn’t say much of anything, even when asked a direct question… but now that he’s out, he has SO much to say!  Once again, Dick gives ‘dick’ a bad name!  Will somebody please take his ass on a hunting trip?!  When Jon referred to Dick Cheney as: “Sour Puss McMonkey Heart”… I  fell out of my chair laughing!!  Follow the link below and watch Jon work his magic! 

UPDATE:  (7/13/09):  Jon Stewart does what no other form of media will.  I’m actually surprised he’s on the airwaves!  NOTE: let it load first and then play it, because it did load slowly on my end.  Watch the entire 2 min and :07 seconds.  Hey, if you don’t have that much time to spare, I can tell you now… this one is NOT for you.  “Rock on” Jon Stewart, “rock on”!!!!!!  You punched Dick Cheney in his dick again!  A reminder… if there’s anyone out there who can help me post videos from comedy central, PLEASE let me know!  You will be added to my blogroll in return for your assistance.

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