Serious Shit


morgan and child

Does anyone out there know if this shit is true?  Morgan is 72 years old!!!!   This just has to be a vicious rumor!!!  Follow this link for their full story because now they are planning to marry!!!

 Morgan needs his ass beat for this move!!! 


  1. Well…it is the national enquirer; the grein of salt newspaper. Then again I am not going to lie. The NE has debuted stories that people thought weren’t that turned out to be true in the end.

    • I know, right?!!! National Enquirer is NOT the best source for “rumors”, but I did get an inquiry from a buddy overseas– this was (unfortunately) the only updated source I found in the U.S. Since this story is filtering far and wide, I had to try and figure out if this craziness had any truth. Morgan has been like a Denzel or Samual Jackson to me. So if those two ever have an affair, I’m just done supporting the “legendary” black male actors. How is Morgan’s old azz going to get with someone young enough to be his GRAND-Daughter and even worse, his step grand daughter? He is way too old to try to spend the rest of his life with a “child”, by comparison (or even with someone loosely related to him)! This rumor has “stank” all over it, so it happened to fall into the category of stories we post on Why O’ Why, you know? I just hope it’s not true, but since he is now divorcing his wife of 24 plus years– it peaked my interest to get to the bottom of it all. And I do remember a senator or congressman who was “busted” for their indiscrections years ago by this “rag”… I “worry” that they may have this story right as well. Dare I say, he may be getting milked for his money, his old azz will die in the middle of having sex with his young bride or worse– the next Steve McNair. The entire thing stinks of rotten eggs to me!!!

  2. As I had stated before, I really hope this isn’t so. I grew up watching The Electric Company with him in it. Aside from Rita and Wendy, whom I had a crush on, he was my favorite cast member.
    This is why nobody should be on a pedestal!

    • Well, crap! That’s just too creepy for me! They certainly need to pull that voice over commercial he has on the air now. MORGAN FREEMAN– YOU SUCK! I hope she takes all of his money too! Hey– thanks for the confirmation and welcome to our family here!

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