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Now that’s original!

Woman is charged with stealing from parishioners during alter call.

(July 3, 2009) 

A New York woman has been charged with robbing someone during church service. Police say Patricia Adams saw an opportunity to steal from another woman sitting in the church pew in front of her, but an usher saw her and called police.According to NBC News Talk, it happened at Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church. When a woman knelt down to prayer, the 46-year-old Adams leaned over the pew and stole cash from the victim’s purse. Police were called and arrested Adams after they recovered the stolen cash.   Police say this wasn’t the first time Adams has stolen money from an unsuspecting parishioner. In May, the Westbury woman jacked cash from a purse left on a pew by a woman who was receiving communion.   Adams was charged with two counts of petty larceny and released on an appearance ticket for a later court date.

4 thoughts on “Now that’s original!

  1. dumb laws at work again! lol! i was also thinking she must have the same blood as dick cheney flowing through her vains to do something like!

    • “The nerve”, indeed! haha Yes, it is unfortunate. I actually think that is more unfortunate that over-trusting people are taken advantage of. This world we’re currently sharing is missing out when we can’t find it in ourselves to trust or help one another.

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