Serious Shit


Just when we were trying to shut it down for the long weekend, I get word from a cohort telling me I HAD to check this story out!  She was right!   

Video shows police chief, cop kissing in cruiser

Prisoner in back seat; chief retires after camera footage made public

CANTON, Ohio – The police chief of a northeast Ohio township has retired after a video became public showing him and a female officer kissing and caressing in the front of a police cruiser while a prisoner was in the back seat.  Timothy Escola retired Tuesday night after four years with the Perry Township police department about 50 miles south of Cleveland. Law Director Charles Hall says Escola’s retirement closes an internal investigation.  Hall says no charges are being considered against part-time officer Janine England, who was with Escola in the cruiser June 2.  Escola and England drove to the Cincinnati area to pick up a burglary suspect. An anonymous tip prompted an investigation last week and a review of the cruiser’s dashboard camera. 

So the Police Chief simply gets to retire with his pension in tact?  No one is investigated– just retire and get paid?  And how do you become the police chief after only 4 years of service?!!  WOW!!!  I’m finally ready to say– “FUCK THE POLICE”, to quote a rap song back in the day!!! 

Click here: for the link to the actual video. 

It comes from a show on MSNBC called: Morning Joe (which I actually find very obnoxious)… so when you launch the video, just know you’re only going to see a snipet of the “dash cam cops” making out and the rest will be those guys chatting about unnecesary bullshit along the way.  Is it too early for a shot of Cognac?!!!  This is exactly the kind of bull that is happening around world that helped us come up with the name of  “Why O’ Why” for our Blog!!!!

2 thoughts on “Yet ANOTHER WTF Moment!

  1. I’ll tell you what, I would much rather have them kissing than tazering, that’s for sure. Yes, sirreee!

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