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Too many incidents with police in the USA!!

I have always been under the impression that policemen are there to “Protect and Serve”.  After all we pay them to do their jobs.  It seems to me, that someone should be looking into all of these incidents with cops being over zealous and using unnecessary force.  And it should come from a Federal level, not local.  I do understand that it is a stressful job, but lately and too often, the cops involved, have no sense of how to diffuse a simple interaction with it’s cititzens.  I personally feel they should have to take a training class every 6 months (yes, 6 months) to help them re-align themselves.  Sort of like what the military is suppose to do with our men and woman after war.  You can’t just come back from a very hostile environment and pick up your life as though you’ve never seen dead bodies, been shot at, etc.  Here is yet another story where a cop got too agressive and this time with a man of the cloth who has a heart condition! 

Cops zap pastor protesting traffic stop at church

WEBSTER, Texas – Police used a Taser on a pastor and pepper spray to disperse his congregants Wednesday after the pastor allegedly interfered with a traffic stop in the church parking lot. Congregants say they were in the Iglesia Profetica Peniel church for an early morning prayer when pastor Jose Elias Moran went to assist the stopped driver, a church member, by asking the police what had happened. 

Officer Raymond Berryman, you suck!  If indeed there were 30 witnesses, plus you threatened his wife with arrest as she tried to help her husband, that you makes you a punk ass and a liar!  You’d think after the athlete that was detained  recently while his mother-in-law was dying in the hospital, or the cop in Oklahoma that placed a Paramedic in choke hold while a patient was in route to the hospital, that some cops would stop licking their nuts and swelling up at people so hastily!  But of course, that would be too much like right!   Follow the link: for the rest of this story.

2 thoughts on “Too many incidents with police in the USA!!

  1. You’d think that there was a rise in police brutality these days, but I don’t think that’s the case; I think it has ALWAYS existed. We are just more aware of it due to the media’s fondness for “sexy” stories like this. The problem is that most folks seem to accept it. I guess civilians thinking that it’s a price to pay for protection. For me, in cases like the one you mentioned shows how cowardly they can be. And if the FORCE don’t want to discipline/punish folks like Berryman, well… I guess that says a lot about them too.

    • Right on Wilfredo! And it also speaks volumes when a cop is “investigated”, but in the meantime, they are only put on paid administrative leave! I bet if they enforced administrative leave WITHOUT pay, that might actually encourage these idiots to think twice before they take things too far! Dick (excuse me, officer) Berryman is a really special fuck up for tasering a pastor WITH a heart condition!

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