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Feel Good Fridays (FGF): EWF’s Mighty, Mighty

I sure hope everyone will have a safe and fun July 4th!  To get you in the mood for good times and libations, I just had to reach back for this week’s FGF!  It was a time when women actually had clothes on too!  LOL!!!

Now… I don’t want to read about any non-sense, i.e.; gunshots fired over a hot dog, ribs or some domino playing.  “Can we all just get along” this weekend?  (smile).  Seriously, have a good time everyone– we’ll see you on Monday!  Peace!

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays (FGF): EWF’s Mighty, Mighty

  1. I don’t know what I enjoyed more, the song or the people dancing 🙂 I swear it seemed like Re-Run was the choreographer to a lot of those moves, lol. I love it!

  2. Man… you couldn’t tell us that were not dancing our asses off back then! LOL!! It was toss between posting this or a live performance by EWF… I had to go with this because there is still nothing like the Soul Train dance line!!! (smile)

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