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Dateline NBC Monday night!!! The Michael Jackson saga!

To all the “news” media and the likes, please let Michael Jackson rest in peace FIRST before he’s exploited!  I was just finishing my daily activities and channel surfing when I ran across Dateline’s re-broadcast interview with MJ.  This is the same interview that he talks about his surgery, kids in his bed and everything!  Let’s allow him rest first.  Shit… this country did that for Elvis Presley when he died on his toilet from a drug overdose back in the ’70’s!  So can we all please regain some composer and dignity with the reporting of MJ’s death?  I won’t say that I haven’t  found him to be in pain and had some serious issues to work through (because I did), but I’m prepared to let the guy just rest for now!  Geeze… what the hell is wrong with us?!  Shame on us all for tuning into any reporting of this now.  Can we all let the guy just “rest” for a minute before we turn his entire life into a circus?!!!  This shit has “HELL” written all over it!  Please (please) stop the madness!!!!

4 thoughts on “Dateline NBC Monday night!!! The Michael Jackson saga!

  1. Well hi Wilfredo! Thank you for the comment! I hoped I wasn’t being too harsh. I just really want the guy to have a chance to rest (even if for a moment). I think you and I are around the same age, so the Jackson 5 era was really him at his best! Stay tuned for Wednesday’s music– it’s a jazz tune inspired by the one you sent! Peace, man!

  2. Jazz, ironically the one who’s not going to let him rest is his own father. He was already pushing a DVD for sale at the BET awards red carpet. I just read about it. Wow, just when I thought humans couldn’t displease me more.
    On a happier note, you got me dying with curiosity as to what song you’ll be posting tomorrow. *tee-hee*

    • “… just when I thought humans couldn’t displease me more.” Well said! And Poppa Joe should really be ashamed of himself. He should be the first to say to the world, “stand down and let our family mourn in privacy”! Shame on you, Joe! You get the sucky daddy award of the decade! Oh… and I just posted the tune for you man! (smile)

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