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Who is Khadijah Williams?!!!!!!

Well… thanks to “Ohellnawl” (I love their blogsite by the way—you’ll see their link under our blogroll to the right), we wanted to also post this very cool story about a teenager who took pride in her education!  Even in the worst of circumstances, she overcame!  God Bless her!  She will be in our prayers from here on and we hope she continues to do very well in her life!  You can follow the link here: I don’t know Khadijah Williams…but I wish I did.  thanks to “Ohellnawl”,  for the rest of this very inspirational story!  I don’t care what the conditions are, if you want the best, you can ACHIEVE the best!  So screw “the environment”!   Thank you Khadijah for being a great example, and a big thank you to “Ohellnawl” for finding this very cool story!  Your timing on this gem is uncanny, as we are currently working on something that will fall in line with what we ALL can achieve! 

I personally feel really good now!   Khadijah  Williams is “our” Liz Murray!  (Oh… you hadn’t heard of her?  Well follow this link for her amazing story too! )  Some teens are really doing their very best… I’m personally glad that there’s another blog out there who is sharing that information too!

7 thoughts on “Who is Khadijah Williams?!!!!!!

  1. This was such a great story. It goes to show when you have that “hunger” you will let nothing stand in your way. I hope she will become everything she sets out to be. Makes you want to sit every knucklehead down and make them read her story.

    • It does, it really does (“makes you want to sit every knucklehead down”…)! I wish I could take full credit for this story, but this was OHN’s original posting. I will take credit for the Liz Murray link, because she was another teen who had to overcome some amazing obstacles. I really like the fact that there are some teens out there doing their very best– regardless of their circumstances! I’m also glad there are people out there like you that see these stories! I guess all is NOT lost! You ROCK, Janedoh! Feel free to foward these stories to anyone you know!

  2. Thank you all for your kind words for Khadijah and for those that have supported her. I thought you would like to know that Khadijah has enrolled in the freshman class at Harvard College and has a website to provide updates –

    Last week, Khadijah was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for an episode of her show entitled, “Don’t Stop Believing.” The show will air on Friday, October 2. Please watch for Oprah’s surprise for Khadijah!

    • Hello NancyG! I’m glad to hear she is continuing forward in such an outstanding way! I’ll be sure to check her out on Oprah! Again, Khadijah–way to go, young lady! There are soooo many people praying for you! Including us at “Why O’ Why” which is exactly why we wanted to post your story here! Peace, love and continued success!

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