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Cheetos as a freakin’ weapon?! Really?!!!


Talk about a waste of tax payers dollars and time!  Did you know you could be in serious trouble if you use this chip as a weapon?  Well, according to Shelbyville, Tennesee, your azz could go to the pokey for this infraction!  I think that both the defendants AND “law enforcement” should be ridiculed for this insanity!  Check out the story below (hey– it wasn’t even worth linking to them for this one).

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — According to authorities, a couple got into a fight using Cheetos.   Bedford County Sheriff’s Department said a 40-year old man and a 44-year old woman became involved in a verbal “altercation”.  Somehow the orange puffy snacks were used in the assault (they really referred to it as an “assault” — shaking my head now).  Deputies said that both were charged with domestic assault.  No one was hurt.  (No shit!!).

According to the Shelbyville Times-Gazett, both posted bond of $2,500 each.  Way to go Tennessee!  I guess everything goes in an economic crunch, so “way to go” with adding funds to your budget!

6 thoughts on “Cheetos as a freakin’ weapon?! Really?!!!

  1. Lol, I read this on another site and had to laugh. That was followed by the story of a woman who solicited a Frito Lay worker for sex in exchange for a case of Fritos (cash value= 30$). The power of the chip is amazing. BTW when did the Noni stock drop to this all time low. Chips for Noni? Shaking my head

    • NONI for chips! LOL! I know, it’s like we don’t really understand anymore! it’s insane. Actually a friend emailed this story to me, and i saw the frito story on OHN! i couldn’t even comment on that, cuz, DAMN! if people ARE smoking crack, they need to pass the pipe to me because I’m totally confused now! lol.

      • Noni for chips, for McDonalds, noni for attention, lol. Noni is losing its power due to it being given away so easily. This story is a perfect example. I am very fond of my crunchy, salty snacks but it has never been that serious for me to sell noni to get it. I going to join the crack train with you, where’s my pipe?

      • “I am very fond of my crunchy, salty snacks but it has never been that serious for me to sell noni to get it. ” LOL!! Too funny and I TOTALLY AGREE!! I’m now on the hunt for the Crack Party Train so I can finally begin to see this world through their freakin’ eyes! LOL!

  2. Good luck on the hunt; here’s some help. Follow those who exhibit crackish behavior. Eventually (i’m sure after getting lost a couple of times) they will lead you to the train 🙂

    • hahaha! totally ironic you mentioned getting lost… I actually got lost yesterday! lol! thank goodness for a full tank of gas! And yeah… i’ll be following the crackish behavior! hey– i’ve just gotta’ understand what tha’ hell everybody else seems to be thinking. I feel like a square in a “round” world these days! (smile)

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