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Michael Jackson Dies


I can’t say that I haven’t made my fair share of jokes when he re-shaped his face, because look at him back then!  I had no doubts that he would have grown into a fine looking Black man!  Since I grew up with the Jackson Five and it was the first concert I was allowed to attend, I wanted to show my sincere appreciation for his contribution to music by posting one classic performance by him (and his brothers).  I also want to send my very sincere condolences to his family for their loss.  I’ll let the other “hollyweird” bloggers “pretend” to be overly saddened by this.  For me– he was a cool musical spirit that was in pain for most of his life (largely due to his “audience, media and Paparazzi”).  I personally will never forget his music.  God Bless you, Michael.  As sudden as this news is, I am glad you are finally at peace!   You will be missed.

2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Dies

  1. Short, sweet and real; this was a good post.
    Yes we were realistic about Michael’s lifestyle and ways but I never denied that man’s unbelivable talent. Arstists today (usher, ne-yo and J.Timberlake ahem) still take a lot of influence from Mike. I am an 80’s baby, so I grew up with him in what many say was his prime. Memories of moonwalking across the kitchen floor (not well mind you), singing my little heart out to his songs, and good lord that thriller video; it scared the crap out of me and my brothers 🙂 So yes, I got a little choked up (something that doesn’t happen with celebrity news) but I agree with you that while it was sudden, he is at peace; finally.

    • AWE!!! Thank you! I wrote this one by myself this time! I certainly didn’t want it to come off as insincere, that’s for sure. And I’m a 60’s baby, so I actually think the Jackson Five era was the bomb! While I liked most of his music throughout the 80’s/90’s, it was nothing like the Jackson 5 period to me. I chose that song (Sugar Daddy) because that was the first concert I could attend and I think that song came out in ’71, so when they toured the following year, I got the chance to see them! Plus, I always had a crush on Jackie. I just reallly wished that someone could have intervened and helped him, because it was very clear to me that he was in deep pain. I’m certain he’s at peace now.

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