common sense

I started not to post this email a friend sent to me because there’s no way for me to verify it, but then I thought about it twice.  You see, not only is the “groupie” putting herself out there, so is her “target” when they get with random women– so it’s all fair game.   This happens to be a pretty cool story (or tale) about Common.  

I had a huge crush on him when he first hit the scene– back then he called himself “Common Sense” (which I really liked).  This was long before he’d become as popular as he is today (way before him and Eryka were a couple too).  I thought the lyrics in his first CD (“One Day It’ll All Make Sense”) were quite revealing about the depth of this man and it was refreshing to hear a rap artist that had a real appreciation for women and not just tossing around awfully distasteful lyrics about life (and women).  He didn’t strike me as an artist  just trying to make a quick buck in the rap arena.  So follow the link here: http://www.backstagepazz.com/2009/06/common.html for the full groupie story.  I read a few other stories that blog has posted and some of these celebrities should really be ashamed that they have no sexual skills (according to the groupies who are writing about them).  And some are down right hilarious! (trying to control my laughter now… lol).

So if I had a question for you on this post it would be… has anyone (man or woman) had a “groupie” experience?  I had one when I was in my twenties.  Well, it wasn’t quite like the “groupie” thing… I actually worked in the music business so I had the opportunity to interface with all types (from the executives to the artists).  I remember when Al B. Sure was coming on to a me in a really agressive way, but I was only interested in his (then) record label rep.  I had no interest in Al (although he seemed like a nice young man back then).  I also write in my upcoming book about how Trech from “Naughty by Nature” was making clear advances towards me too.  By then, (industry people knew) he was with Pepa (from the group “Salt N Pepa”).  I wasn’t “okay” with interfering in anyones’ relationship. 

The one celeb I did get with (“a romp in the hay”) was just so bad at sex … I knew I would never go down the “groupie path” because to me, it’s just not worth it.  You see, I like orgasms during sex.  This guy was so amazingly bad, it “ruined” me to ever want to try that shit again!  (LOL!!)  I won’t reveal his name because he was a really nice guy (I mean a really nice guy– very geniune).  He and I had great converstations and lots in common– he just had no skills in the “bedroom” (bless his heart).  Anyway, check out the story about Common, I think parts of it will really “get you going” today! (smile).  Don’t be shy… tell us if you’ve had a “groupie” experience.  I’ve exposed (well… parts of it) mine to you… so share your parts with us!

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