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Feel Good Fridays (FGF): A special one this week!

A Father’s Day Tribute…

Okay… we realize this song can be interpreted in many ways, but we think it’s a great tribute to men, and more importantly, men who are fathers.  This is our “Feel Good Fridays” (FGF) song for the week, so do enjoy!  We will return next week with new postings. 

In the meantime, we hope everyone enjoys their time with the dads of the world this weekend.  And to the fathers out there… enjoy your children and spend quality time with your families.  It’s not about the presents… it’s about your presence

In addition, we wanted to post a scene from Chris Gardner’s life experience from the movie: “The Pursuit of Happyness”.  He did all he could to keep his child safe and happy during a very “rough period”.  Along with a little imagination and hope, Mr. Gardner prevailed in the toughest of circumstances.  Will Smith played his character in the movie, but Mr. Gardner is the father behind these events. You’ll find a scene below when Mr. Gardner had nowhere for him or his son to go for the night: 

He was a father even when it seemed impossible to provide the basics in life.  Somehow, he managed to give the one thing that all children want—their dad.  Here’s a picture of him in case you didn’t know the movie was based on a real person:c gardner

“Happy Father’s Day” to you all!   With love and harmony,

The “Why O’ Why” Family

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays (FGF): A special one this week!

  1. I logged on thinking let’s see what why o why posted for Friday music selection. As the page came up I realized that you guys are right on with the music selections. **JaneDoh clapping** Ms. Headley was a nice lead in to the Father’s Day weekend. Have a good one you guys.

    • thank you, Janedoh! So glad you liked it. We were having a little trouble deciding how to celebrate, with all of the absentee father’s out there. Hopefully this will get them on board to do the right thing by their children. Hope you enjoy your time with your dad this weekend– thanks so much for stopping by.

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