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Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): Strawberry Letter 23

From (I believe) 1976 or ’77…  here’s a cool classic from none other than Brothers Johnson.  Yep, we are all just that old here!  Here’s a cool azz song from back in the day.  It’s another one from: “The Midnight Special”… give it a listen.  Also, ask your parents (if you’re that young) to know how cool this jam was from so long ago.  Although the guy in the white  (the lead singer) was the one that most women fainted over, I personally had a crush on his brother playing the bass!  Happy “Mid-Week Jam” (MWJ) to you all!  Only two more days until the weekend!

6 thoughts on “Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): Strawberry Letter 23

  1. “Pretty music I hear, so happy and loud blue flower echo from a cherry cloud”

    WOW, I heart you guys even more now, lol. Hand to God, the intro was my text message ringtone last week. I never get tired of hearing this, great pick 🙂

    • So glad you dug this! and how cool is it that this was your ringtone a week ago?! Still in “Midnight Special” mode so far with our music postings. This particular music post has 33 viewers so far (the highest we’ve seen for our music choices), but a special thanks to you for posting a comment. we post another music selection on fridays– we hope it will ‘grab’ you as well. Have a great day Janedoh! (smile)

      • I can see why this had so many viewers, it is such a cool little jam. The beats, the funky words. Lol, if they legalize Marijuana this could be the jam that everyone would listen to. Does anybody remember Tevin Campbell’s cover of this song? Still can’t believe he did a cover of this.

      • I never knew Tevin Campbell did this song. I personally don’t like when young artists try to remake a classic. they only seem to deminish it instead of bringing something more to it. that’s just my humble opinion. “Lol, if they legalize Marijuana this could be the jam that everyone would listen to.” too funny! i guess they would indeed! hahaha.

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