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To Legalize or Not Legalize… that is the question


I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel a few places outside of the U.S., I feel really lucky in being able to do this too.  I’ve also been to one of my (now) favorite places; Amsterdam.  Not only is Amsterdam one of THE MOST non-racist places ever I’ve been, they are also very cool people in general.  They have people of all races living happily amongst one another with very little hate-crime and violence.  Everyone is probably very familiar with the fact they have also mastered regulated “mary-jane” too.  This legalized drug has not been harmful to Amsterdam’s popularity either because millions of people from all over the world visit there every year.  With that said…

I ran across this article today:  Marijuana Legalization: Momentum Building For Broad Debate: AP on Huffington Post and found it interesting.  What are your thoughts on the legalization of marijuana in the U.S.?  Do you think the U.S. will ever make this legal?  If you are opposed to this, tell us why.  We are curious about your thoughts on this debate so don’t be shy.

2 thoughts on “To Legalize or Not Legalize… that is the question

  1. Tried it once and didn’t really care for it, but have friends who smoke it. I am no scientist, so I truly don’t know the affects smoking MJ and if it in fact does impair driving, etc. I do know that there is a lot of money behind it and word on the curb is that this country (and my state) are broke! Wouldn’t it be nice to just walk in the pharmacy, or whatever and just buy it? Not have to head down to 88th and look for Stoney to get a dime bag? Cigarrettes are addictive and deadly but they come with a nice little warning label on the side of the box. Couldn’t that be done with marijuana? Right on the ziplock bag a little sticker will read, “Using this substance will cause possible paranoia, a light euphoric sensation and an increase in appetite for all things salty and or sweet. This condition is called MUNCHIES.”

    • Agreed on all points. As i mentioned, they’ve been doing this in Amsterdam for years. There’s no high rates of crime and oddly, the people there are very healthy too. A large portion of the population ride bicycles or walk everywhere too. You can actually tell the locals from the tourists really easily. And no one frowns if you choose to smoke. I also like the fact that there are no shady drug dealers either (well, at least not for that drug that i’m aware of). The u.s. is suppose to be the progressive template for the rest of the world, but we fall way short on this when compared to Amsterdam. I say legalize it and profit by it.

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