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I personally don’t understand the debate on this subject because from what I do understand, gay couples only want to have the same legal rights over their property (health insurance, etc.)  just like heterosexual couples do.  Banning gay marriages doesn’t stop anyone from being gay either.  And as far as I know, EVERY family has a gay member(s) amongst them… whether they know it or not, including my own.  I’m personally glad that this young couple managed to slip past the “system” and become the first married gay couple in New York!    Follow the link here for the full story: http://www.nypost.com/seven/06142009/news/regionalnews/wedding_crashers_174162.htm?&page=0


  1. “gay couples only want to have the same legal rights over their property (health insurance, etc.) just like heterosexual couples do.”

    Exactly, nail on the head. I thought church and state were seperate, so I don’t really get the big deal. Those opposed are scared that if gay marriage passes, then that will #1 lessen their own marriage making it less meaningful. #2 Little Timmy and/or little Sarah will see this and think it’s okay to marry someone of the same sex #3 it’s just plain wrong, because it’s unnatural.

    These are the comments I have heard on the opposing side, and its just plain ignorant. I live in Cali so it is definitely a continual topic of conversation. What I do know is this, Steve marrying Steve is not hurting me. How can you be free to be who you are when you are living in a world that tell you who are and who you love are wrong?

    and people wonder why there are so many closested homosexuals.

  2. that’s the same crap i hear too! i just think that if that’s their only argument, they have no real rebuttal for opposing this. “Steve and Steve is not hurting me”… well put, because they are not and it certainly doesn’t deminish marriage. heterosexuals do a good job of that all by themselves with high rate of divorce in the U.S.

    And agreed– that is exactly why we have the closeted homosexual community. church and state are not seperate that’s for sure. i also don’t think you chose to be gay, you’re born that way. but the bi-sexual thing is a lifestyle choice (IMO). and out of all the states, Cali really surprised me by their opposition to this debate, but Mass. is more liberal? who knew? it’s a wasted ball of energy to me– let them be who they are and allow them to celebrate it.

    • “let them be who they are and allow them to celebrate it”

      Well said 🙂 and yes I thought Cali would be more accepting, apparently not. I also agree that you are born that way and maybe bi-sexual are too scared to choose gay? “Im not gay, see I still like girls too.” Just a thought. Back in the day I took a biopsych class and did you know that the female brain and a homosexual male brain look damn near identical? I was sitting in that class thinking, whoa!

  3. Hi there… thanks for following the reply here! I never took a biopsych class– but i CAN imagine that the male and female brain are more the same than not. Geeze– we both (sexes) share the same emotions, but we process our emotions differently. (do i have that right “professor janedoh”? (smile)

    and that is exactly how i personally feel on the bi-sexual thing.. they are just too afraid to burst out of the closet! i can sort of understand their reservations because u could actually be killed for who you love whether that’s the same sex, or a different race, you know? Even today, there is a racial intolorance. America is not as progressive as we want the rest of the world to think. so much to improve upon here– but hey… only in America! the “free-est” country in all the world! cough, cough. (total sarcasim here!) lol!

    • Prof.JaneDoh, sounds pretty awesome,lol. I really am just a female Cliff Clavin (I wonder how many people are like, who?). Yes, on the Bi-sexual, my thoughts exactly. Love the saracasm, btw. America, land of the free as long as you are following the unspoken rules, I guess. Sometimes it seems like the US is a wolf in sheeps clothing but that’s just me. Then again it is 12 o clock at night and I should be in bed 🙂

      • too funny on this Cliff Clavin (lol) “Sometimes it seems like the US is a wolf in sheeps clothing but that’s just me.” you are not alone on that. America has been bullying it’s citizens and the world for a very long time. i like the dissention that slowly gaining ground now and 9/11 along with 8 years of Bush has pulled the covers off of this terribly broken system! i still can’t figure out why our government steps into our personal lives so much. again… kudos to this gay couple for kicking in the door on them! i just love how the government workers are so programmed, they missed the obvious. i think that is priceless!

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