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The Blonde Affect

hair dying

Alright… we may loose a few cool points for this, but it needs to be said, so here it goes… I’ve never understood this countries’ affection toward blonde hair. Okay, if you’re a natural blonde, that’s one thing, but this excessive unnatural “cross over” obsession is troubling. I’m secure enough as a black woman (extremely proud of it too) so I really like how God made me. I think it is His perfect design for the combination of both of my parents. When people say, “you look just like so-and-so” (realizing it is a compliment), I politely interject and say; “I actually look like my father and mother”. I’m so disappointed with so many naturally dark haired women who choose to damage their hair to fit into what this society deems as “perfect”, so I’ve just gotta’ speak on it. I believe this obsession began with none other than Marilyn Monroe (real name Norma Jean). Here she is in her natural state:

marilyn monroe

As time has moved forward, this unnatural hair color for lots of women has really taken over.  You won’t find naturally blonde Indians, Asians, Hispanics, Moroccan or Black women, just to name a few.  Now… I do know that some black women will have varying hues of hair (hell, my sister’s natural hair color is not black) but it’s also not “blonde” either—but most Black people have black hair.  It is genetically natural.  When I see women who are clearly not naturally blonde, it only makes me think of two things.  Their fake blonde hair only makes them look like part of the hooker industry or older than their years.  Boo me if you want, but it has this trashy affect that I can’t ignore.  I’ve attached some pictures of celebs (only because I can’t run the risk of being sued by “every day people”) but these are their public shots.  You tell me how it makes them look.  I thought about this long and hard too before posting this assertion.  If I need to show their original hair colors as a comparison, just let me know—I’d be happy to do that.  But in the interest of server space, I think the point will be made.  Please note… I’m not calling any of these women whores or old, but the fake blonde hair coloring yields those thoughts in my mind.  No one gets a pass on this…



kirsty alley

latifa blonde


mary j

You cannot tell me that Madonna doesn’t look much better as a brunette– like she was born.

Again… no one gets a PASS– these are all FAILS in the minds of Why O’ Why.  Talk to us and let us know how YOU feel.

12 thoughts on “The Blonde Affect

  1. lol…ok, i just did that to f*ck w/ya’ll. ‘the blonde effect’ is the result of social programming – i’m aware of that – but done the right way like Mary J or that cute’lil Asian mama, that shit is hot! but like i said, subliminal mind tricks are at work…and working. i don’t know, i’m willing to give it pass as long as the woman doesn’t “act” blonde…but how rare is that, right?!

    • i think you’re looking at their natural beauty and not their hair (maybe). to me, mary j (for example) is a beautiful black woman, but her blonde hair makes her look MUCH older than she really is. and madonna looked far better as a brunette than a blonde too. i don’t know– the whole thing has never worked for me.

  2. I don’t think it is always about the affect, even though sometimes it is. Women like variety e.g. different hairstyles, lengths, nail colors, heck even eye color. Is that me, no (well nail polish maybe) and it seems like it’s not you. Did it bother me when Christina Milian changed that beautiful hair to that ridiculous blonde? Absoultely; it just doesn’t suit her but that’s her. I think Mary J looks good as a blonde, and I don’t think it has anything to do with the “affect”. Before I go, I will give you an example : My neighbor who is a dark skinned hispanic woman. She has blonde hair that is blowdried straight with green contacts and certainly definitely gets her foundation from Lil’ Kims makeup stash. She has been affected. Real talk.

    • point taken… but i have to disagree. mary j. looks alot older than she really is. no bi-curiosity here, but i think brunettes or dark haired women are far more attractive than blondes. i even think marilyn monoe looked better as a brunette too. i have friends from kuwait and india, and their jet black hair is absolutely stunning to me. and little kim– well that’s a post in and of itself! poor child– she’s a train wreck now. i’ll just have to pray for her. lol!

  3. *yoy*, i agree with you there as well…it’s not all about programming, women like change [are change– essentially (ponder that)]. so yeah, i’m glad you clarified my thoughts for me, fully. like me, my s-curl texturizer is just a choice…i was perfectly fine with my kinks-n-shit prior to. lol…ok, don’t believe that 😉

    • haha… lol! glad you got the chuckle there. stonez know he’s looking like Stoney Jackson! lol. wooo…. sometimes I crack myself up!

  4. LLMAO…naw, actually my shit looks more like Puffy’s [ouch!]. but hey, nobody say a peep about my Dr. Palmers skin whitener gotdammit!

    p.s. just jokes…

    • Do people really do that (try to lighten their skin tone)?! That’s crazy right there! I guess there’s a self hate going on that i’m not really aware of. If black folks only knew just how much inflluence we really have. Did you know there’s an “underground world” in Iraq where young Iraqi’s create rap music? Yes, in Iraq. If we only knew.

      I gotta’ check out your Puffy reference– i didn’t know he was an S-Curler. lol

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