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Some “sexy” to get you going…

Sunjata, Daniel

His name is Daniel Sunjata– I found him on a show this week called “Rescue Me”, which airs on Fox on Tuesdays.  It’s actually a pretty good show too.   I love all shades of men, especially the “dark and lovely” ones– but he is quite sexy to me.  Unfortunately ladies, I think he’s married.  Eye candy is eye candy.  “Hollyweird” actually got it right this time.  More pics below, so… enjoy!

daniel 2

daniel 4

daniel 5

daniel sunjata 6

4 thoughts on “Some “sexy” to get you going…

  1. Good news ladies HE IS SINNNNNGGGGLLLLEEEEEEEEEE :)))))) No wifey that is for sure. But with those dimples I am sure his bed isn’t exactly cold these days. Sigh.

    • That’s great news! So now I can fantasize without guilt! lol!!! He made a really interesting analogy of 9/11– he may actually have too much substance for the average groupie out there! I was trying to find some bare chest shots of him, but no luck. I’ll keep looking! (smile) Thanks for stopping by too!

  2. Oh yes, I have been on his tip for a minute. I first saw him on Sex in the City; he played one of the sailors at a party hitting on Carrie 🙂 Then I saw that he was on Rescue Me, definitely a cutie.

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