Feel Good Friday (FGF) / Music

5 thoughts on “FGF: Tribe Called Quest

  1. Nice! I miss the days when artists depended on their talent instead of shock value antics. I have to re-educate myself on all things old school one day.

  2. Phife Dawg…”if my mom don’t approve then we’ll just elope
    let me save the little man from inside the boat
    let me hit it from the back [girl] I won’t catch a hernia
    bust off on your couch now you got Siemens furniture”

    yo, ATCQ is one of my all-time favorites…thanks for the flavor! takes you back to the day when artists were just that and they could speak about sex and all the other things that eventually get labeled as right or so-called wrong in a way that made you think and put the pieces together like a portrait you stand at and stare. what happened to imagination? as usual, that’s another topic…so in the meantime, go ‘head and drop it>

  3. oh man!! you can’t ‘peep the game’ before we drop it here! I was going to wait to list Electric Relaxation down the line!!! (smile). But very cool– you dig where we’re coming from! Hopefully everyone out there will come to know us for at least one thing… our Feel Good Fridays (FGF) or Mid-week Jams (MWJ). I guess we’re doing something right. So glad you dug the tune– we’re trying to get artists and the freakin music industry to let true artistry come through again. and agreed… it is another topic that we will soon discuss here. long overdue in our humble opinion. thanks so much for stopping by!

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