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WTF?! A man’s legs were cut off to fit casket!

james hines

How insane is this story?

Authorities revoked the licenses of a South Carolina funeral home and its director after he admitted one of his employees cut the legs of a 6-foot-7 man without the family’s permission so the corpse would fit in a casket.  Follow the link here: for the rest of this madness.

4 thoughts on “WTF?! A man’s legs were cut off to fit casket!

  1. Shame on Them: they cut his legs off with an electric saw…and LEFT them in the casket?!!!

    Shame on Them: they (the authorities) only fined the funeral home $500!!!

    Shame on You: according to the article, the wife said “…no one suggested a longer casket”


  2. I agree with all– except your last one. She (the widow) may have been so distressed by her husband’s death, the thought may not occurred to her to ask. I would like to think that they would have offered that information to the family. 6’7″ is not the average height, you know? But you would (at least I would) think there’s a casket for every height and size. But this is a really horribly sad story and a thing to do to anyone. I think the fines are shitty too. A smack on the hands compared to the horror the family will have for their remaining days.

  3. i feel ya but “6′7″ is not the average height…” was my point exactly (as it relates to the “Shame on You” part, that is)

  4. ooo… okay, i get it… shame on that industry, not the widow. hey thanks again for stopping by! as always, it’s so appreciated. we like dialogue, that’s exactly why we write! peace to you!

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