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Dick Cheney Lied! What next?

dick 2

I posted a story a short time ago ( 9/11: Un-answered questions, so why isn’t everyone concerned?) explaining that all of the military personnel that I’d personally encountered, have said that they do not know why we are in Iraq.  Well… looks like tricky Dick #2, came clean with the truth finally.   “Dick Cheney says there was no connection between Iraq and 9/11 after using that claim to push us into war.”   Just click the link for the full story and the video. 

Now… what next?  Will there be an investigation and eventual prosecution of our previous administration as it should be?  Or will our POTUS, who had a campaign platform of transparency, continue to block any efforts for this?  As I mentioned once before, we were “all systems go” to impeach Clinton for getting a ‘slobby nobby’, but the death of thousands including our own sons and daughters– we seem to hesitate.  Are we going to let this slide?  In my opinion, if he and the many others involved in this travesty walk away without punishment, that would make Dick, Bush, Rice, Powell, the list will go on and on, the most notorious serial killers this world has ever seen.

4 thoughts on “Dick Cheney Lied! What next?

  1. it’s always been about lies in this country…a free society is not one that surpresses and oppresses its people and peoples around the world. i think as clock-time goes on, and more things start to unravel and unfold, we’ll see that what we’re in now is what we’ve always been [living] in and that’s a big fucking outrageous dispicable (sp) lie. even with this new administration each day is filled with more lies to cover the old lies, only this time the lies come in the form of jokes, neo-political punch lines and smiles. where are those with open eyes?

  2. Agreed and well said! plus… oh my goodness! “in the form of jokes, neo-political punch lines and smiles.” that is sooo freakin true! it’s almost like that arena is de-sensitizing(sp?) our brains to follow the seriousness of what is happening!!! Woooo! that’s a good paraphrasing (or is that an analogy?). Well said either way. Thanks for joining the discussion!

  3. hi stonez… thank you for the compliment! been asleep too long that’s for sure so glad to be awake! thanks for stopping by!

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