Digital TV (cable) Change Over… another joke at our expense!

the view

I don’t get to do this often (watch “The View”), but the digital transition is annoying me.  Since I worked in television, I do know for sure, that this digital change is a bunch of bullshit.  Networks across this nation are forcing us to switch from analog to digital.  Since we, (as a group of voices) did NOT get involved prior to now, “THEY” did it to us again.  Remember when the LP’s was a forced switch to CD’s?  This is the same thing.   Hell, maybe I’m in the wrong industry, because can you imagine what those sales commissions will be because of this forced technology?  I’m trying to watch “The Views” Hot Topics only, but there is no sound!!!  I guess it’s no big deal– Whoopi Goldberg is not on the stage today, so let me chill.  Why should I get all hyped, when the masses of viewers are sleeping through the changes in television, right?  I’m actually being facetious.  The cool thing about a blog is that you CAN vent about what you feel!  I almost want to say to myself… welcome back to America, you fool!!! LOL!  I’d love to be in Paris right now!  Oh well…

17 thoughts on “Digital TV (cable) Change Over… another joke at our expense!

  1. I’m on on the same page as you are. When it was first announced that analog was switching over to digital I thought it was b.s. When I first hooked up my convertor box I couldn’t get a signal on certain channels, so I was thinking how is this better? The signal goes in and out, wth? I didn’t have that issue with my good old rabbit ears; just move the attenae and problem fixed. Oh and lets not talk about the LP to CD thing. I can’t count the CD’s that have been replaced because of a little scractch making them unplayable.

    • I totally agree! For years we’ve managed to watch cable and television without digital, but now it’s a mandatory switch? And I was so frustrated with the forced CD switch too. If you remember, “they” did that to us because CD sells were so low. Plus, all of the years I collected LP’s, I could no longer play them. And I also had to recently replace a few CD because of a simple scratch, but they were initially marketed to be indestructable. It’s a real shame how we get ‘mafia’d’ into things. As the old adage goes; “if it’s not broke, why fix it”? Thanks for stopping by! We appreciate it.

  2. or maybe it’s more about being able to view [really, no pun intended] the tv viewers every move…kinda like the cameras that wink at us as we roll under traffic lights. i re-member – so i was told – that my great grandma refused to dress in front of the tv because she thought it was looking at her…lol. what seemed funny then may be wisdom now. haven’t you ever noticed that the CBS ‘eye’ [logo] is always on the screen? just ‘little’ things that make me go *uhmmm???*

    • now you know… I’ve had that theory for quite sometime. But of course so many will never come to realize that until it’s far too late. I read something recently that spoke about how the U.K. is leading the world in monitoring it’s citizens. they have digital technology everywhere! makes me say WTF, instead of “uhmmmm”!

  3. “haven’t you ever noticed that the CBS ‘eye’ [logo] is always on the screen?”

    Stonez, I didn’t even think of that, dang. See, this is already trying to awake the conspiracy theroist in me, lol. This post also reminds me of the VHS to DVD switch and how they don’t sell VCR’s anymore without it being a DVD/VCR combo.

  4. …and the saturation of cellular phones (now it’s cool [read:necessary] for the “whole” family to have one) AND the VISA commercials that make using “cash” seem outdated-obsolete-&”old” AND those fuckin’ Time-Life WWII (or is it WWI?) DVD commercials that almost make you wanna buy them just to see and you find yourself being ok with the senseless/shameless violence that’s replayed in movies and video games and sit-coms and so-called reality shows AND…

  5. i’m loving THIS discussion! who knew?! makes me want to do another post! rock on u guys! maybe i’m NOT alone (trying to be funny here) with my thoughts on this one! thanks u guys for stopping by 4 sure!

  6. Go ahead do another one 🙂 Lol, this post is giving my brain this domino effect; one thought pops up, which runs into another and so on. Newspapers are soon to be a thing of the past, books are now online and can be downloaded. I mean can we keep some tradition. *Sidenote* Has anyone on the board seen or remembers the movie Idiocracy? The movie wasn’t done well but the message behind it was very true. Happy posting

    • speak on janedoh— it’s the dumbing down of america too. did you know there’s a digital machine out there (retail price about $350-450) that will read your books to you?!!! and when my nephews were kids, they were actually in a school that wasn’t teaching penmanship, kids had to do their homework on a computer! domino effect indeed. and yes, i’ve seen that movie… not well executed, but the message was pretty deep.

  7. …yes, everybody’s thoughts are right on! could it be that this country is trying to transform it’s “citizens” from sheep to robots? hell, i know it’s not good to be a sheep (i mean, a lamb, but you knowwhati’msayin) when you’re really quite capable of being hueman but at least with sheep they can think for themselves–however little that may be. however, with robots, they act on command. and commands can come in all types of subliminal forms. i know, i know, what the fuck am i talking about, right? lol…don’t listen to me, just observe as you go thru the day– observation can tell us a lot w/o saying a thing.

    [sidebar: i’ve spoken to a friend about this, and she suggested an experiment gone ‘mad’ but have you noticed that you hear NOTHING these daze about cloning – anymore?] uhmmm…

    • say man (at least i think you are), don’t apologize for your thoughts here! we are (apparently) on the same vibe and awakening. Very valid statements you’ve made! And yes– i’ve noticed too that there are no more mentions of cloning. I’ve often wondered what it means too. i remember that cloned calf. Seems like the masses are really sheep led to a slaughter, or should I say Robots getting ready for commands. MSM (mainstream media) is now going to be referred to Corporate Media (CM) because they are in on this too! All of the “ducks are lined in a row”… we will be robots before you know it. Did you know that our borders (Mexico, Canada) has implemented a new set of “papers” to cross their borders? your driver’s licences or passport won’t do anymore? o… let me correct that… you can cross with a new passport that has an RFID chip in it. hmmmm indeed!

  8. -Stonez, good points, especially the robots and its true about the cloning. hmmm.
    -Yoy50, yes, yes dumbing down America, so right on; real talk. That machine is ridiculous, a machine that reads to you? Come on. So let me guess, Daddy/Mommy is too busy to read the child a story, no worries, enter the machine. I wonder if someone (read: government, lol) are working on making us lazy and complacent. Everything is done for us with a push of a button. Groceries delievered to your door, newspapers online so you don’t have to go out to get a paper, real news = gossip blogs; little effort is issued to get things done in your life.

    • hi janedoh… nail on the head with all of your points! i actually thought that after 9/11 these moves would be made long before now. but like the game of chess… it is very strategic, requires patience with the right move at the right time. dumbing us down, only helps to place the pieces before the strike! it’s about to be a “check mate” sooner than we think! *** cough, cough… Patriot Act I and II*** cough, cough– ex-f*ckme!!!! I’m beginning to understand your name of “Janedoh” now… you really, really get it! hey… we are really just getting started here, but we did post other information you may be interested in as well. we had a “glitch”, but it’s now fixed. search for our post on 9/11, dick cheney (you know that guy who makes the word “dick” seem bad! lol) and definitely click on under the Blogroll. you’ve got to see THAT documentary. thank you for stopping by too! tell your friends cuz we definitely like that! we’re here at least every other day– let me know if you need more help too. Before I forget, check out Freedom to Fascism with Aaron Russo on google video… it’s a real eye opener!

    • hmm… good question because i haven’t seen a good movie for 2009 so far– they’ve all been pretty lame and un-original. Re: your web… looks nice, but i personally don’t like the whole payday loan thing… i think it keeps a person in debt, but that’s just my opinion. thanks for stopping by too.

  9. I have nothing against seeking medical attention, but I do not believe in the flu shot. Keeping your immune system healthy through vitamins/minerals, proper diet and excercise is the best line of defense. it’s worked for me for years.

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