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MWJ: Bernard Wright

Corney video overall, but this song still rocks (in our humble opinion)– enjoy!

4 thoughts on “MWJ: Bernard Wright

  1. That was in the eighties, right? I remember when I saw the video I wondered how they did that revolving shot. The production is a little dated, very much from that decade, but overall, it wasn’t a bad song. I also remember thinking how cute that girl was *sigh* Thanks, Jazz, now I know to include this in my going through the decades disc! Yay!

  2. Hi Wilfredo. glad you liked it! had a little trouble posting earlier (net problems again) but glad you stopped by! i liked that revolving shot too. and yes it’s from the 80’s. i want to try to hit songs from the 60’s and beyond. i just love music is all. peace, man!

  3. Well, hell, if you need help with that, just drop me an email, wolfdome at yahoo.com. Sorry, my “at” symbol is acting quirky. A few of the folks at OHN have my address, and now they’re running away from me ’cause I keep sending them music. The Philistines!
    Well, let me know.

  4. hmmm… not sure i follow you here… there was no query, just following up on the Mid-Week-Jam (MWJ) choice this week. maybe you responded to the wrong message on this one, yes? no worries. no harm, no foul.

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