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Why would a woman want THIS crown?!!

I will never understand what is going on in the the minds of some.  Why O’ Why?!!!!  A porn chick from Germany tried to break a world record (I guess she wanted to be known as a global ho) by trying to give the most blow jobs in a setting.  A question to all the parents out there; would you want your child to attempt this challenge?  Hell… I can only go this far with the story because I have to spray my keyboard for germs! 

You can find the full story here:

6 thoughts on “Why would a woman want THIS crown?!!

  1. Man, she’s a hard 21! I’m just saying, when I was 21, I still looked pretty boyish. There doesn’t seem to be any trace of a little girl there on her.
    I’ve seen clips of German porn. They don’t play with oral sex, and they just love sharing! About ten Man Laws broken there! She probably was not only exhausted, but she probably has to have her jaw wired.
    I’m grateful that more women are not gay, but let’s just say that I wouldn’t blame them one iota if they were. We men Are gross!

    • Agreed– she’s a harding looking 21 year old. And some men can be really gross, thankfully, not all men are that way.

  2. Well, Jazz, I certainly don’t include myself in that lot, but that would be a matter of who you ask, really. Hahahahaha! Modesty is not a good look on me.
    Hey, you know that they have this same news in OHN?

    • hmm… didn’t see that OHN– have to check out their version . i actually received this story in an email from a buddy of mine. i only posted it because i thought it was a trip for any woman (“professional” or not) to have a desire to achieve this. it’s pure craziness to me. at the same time, all of those men could potentially spread some disease, if she has any, you know? just nasty, to me! NOTE: spraying my keyboard again! lol

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