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The Federal Reserve… could the truth finally be discovered?



It looks like the Federal Reserve may finally get a long overdue spot light shinned on them thanks to a Bill called HR 1207.  After years of successfully robbing this nation and its’ citizens, there may now be a huge turnaround.  I’ve been trying to warn people for years and explain to them that this is a Fiat system and not one that has the people in the best interest or a system that is right.  I’m finally hopeful that things may actually begin to change.  Although Bill HR 1207 is still in the infancy stages, it looks very promising because what this Bill means is that there will be an audit system to examine the Federal Reserve.  In addition, this is getting support from Senators and Congressmen across both sides.  This is not a Dem vs. Repubs fight—both parties are combining their efforts to have this Bill passed!  This is an amazing step in the right direction you guys! 

While the subject of the Federal Reserve seems complicated and intricate, I have no doubt that if you want to understand what this really means for you, you can grasp its’ meaning.  I’m no Rhodes Scholar… but I maintain that if I can understand what The Federal Reserve is and how it affects us personally, anyone can dissect this information too.  Get involved people, this is “for us, by us” not the other way around.  This Bill could be nothing short of a real revolution in our time!  Activism is on the rise!   Be a part of this…  just like you were with our November election for POTUS!

Here’s the link to an email I received earlier today:  http://www.infowars.com/bill-to-audit-fed-gains-serious-momentum/ .  I encourage you to go back and look at my earlier posting on the Federal Reserve too.  That documentary is filled with a wealth of information.  It’s an excellent source to begin to help you understand what all of this means and great place to begin your own research .  Additionally, Ron Paul is at the forefront of this undertaking… you can see his video on this subject within the aforementioned link as well.

It ain’t over until the “fat lady sings”, I don’t hear a fat lady singing… do you?  Again… get involved!  This is a fight for you… this IS your fight!  Reform for the “Feds” is now more attainable than it’s every been!

6 thoughts on “The Federal Reserve… could the truth finally be discovered?

  1. Bear with me: A while back, I wanted to know what the hell was going on with the Basque Country, what with the conflicts and all, so I spoke to some folks of that region and they invited me to watch a THREE HOUR documentary. I swear I had some strong coffee to stay awake and pay attention, despite all that, all I got was just a little bit, and I stated as such to these folks, “welcome to our world,” they said.
    Well, this Federal Reserve mess is worse. You can try and explain this to me until we get sucked into a Black Hole and I still won’t understand this. So it begs the question, is it really supposed to be understood? Or were things manipulated for us, The People, to dwell in the dark until we get discouraged? I’m wondering if I were to tell these folks at the Federal Reserve that I don’t get this, will they respond, “welcome to our world?”

    • Hmmm…. i think i follow you here. I don’t think it was originally designed to understand… after all, the entire system was put in place in 1913. thankfully, there has been a ‘movement’ to help people understand. The documentary we posted back on May 10th was the most informative and simpliest consolidation of information i found. that’s exactly why we wanted to post it. it took me several years to pull all of this information together– this documentary summarizes the subject exceptionally well in 58 minutes. go back and check it out… i’m pretty confident that will answer your questions. what i’m most encouraged by with the update on the subject, is that if there is an auditing system (which this Bill will represent), i think it will lead to that entire system being eliminated. It is criminal activitiy at it’s best and should have been exposed a long time ago. if i’m not mistaken, JFK was beginning to speak on this publicly before his death. he took steps in this effort by printing 50 (?) billion dollars in silver certificates, which were interest free. the federal reserve prints our dollars from thin air and attach an interest hence this country’s crippling deficit. i personally think that’s why he was assassinated. he was in the process of taking them down in a very big way.

    • hi minista– if i understand the comment, agreed. if this BILL isn’t passed, it could mean a universal system sooner than we think. we’ve got to get involved, because we can. thanks for stopping by, man! sho appreciate the luv’. let’s link up! peace!

  2. Sorry about rambling on before, but my thought processes leans on the circular side than on the linear. It also helps me understand things from another angle or experience. I’ll try to take it down a notch the next time I’m vexed by something. 😀

    • hi Wilfredo… no apologies needed. I only hope i (we) guided and answered your question. freedom of expression and queries are what we about. we are suppose to excercise them… you dig? it’s “cool in the gang” over here… we welcome the queries and dialogue. i’ve been vexed before (on the subject) so i think i understand where you’re coming from. do check out that documentary and tell us what you think. we think it helps, but are open to improvements.

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