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FGF: Featured artist– Amel Larrieux – Get Up

So much to do… but when are we going to rise?  Slap your headphones on if you’re at work or turn the speakers up as high as they can go and groove til’ your heart’s content!   Hope this jam motivates you too.  Here’s our featured artist for this FGF.  A special hello to Wilfredo this week (as promised)!

6 thoughts on “FGF: Featured artist– Amel Larrieux – Get Up

  1. Thank you for that! It’s funny that you picked Amel, I’ve been exposed to her work lately –just this week alone, in fact– so “funny” isn’t really the right word, more like scary, lol. She has a lovely voice, so I really don’t mind the voice. Another one that I’ve been seeing a lot, not voluntarily, is Meat Loaf. I have no idea what the deal with that is. From beauty to the beast, I guess. Yin and Yang.
    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I’m all clogged up in my head, so I can’t think straight, but if I can think of something comparable to Amel to throw your way, I will. Hah, it took me ten whole minutes to write this comment!

    • Man… Meat Loaf was the bomb back in the day! And glad you liked this week’s FGF! I want to try to keep it going with some gems that people may not have heard for a while. Sorry the head cold has gotcha too… feel better soon

  2. P.S. Just to follow up on the Meat Loaf situation, last Friday I switched with cable TV providers, and last night I saw him with his daughter in this Fox show called Don’t Forget The Lyrics. I live in El Salvador. Before I switched providers I didn’t get Fox. Synchronicity is spooky, I tell you!
    Oh, and OHN has also featured Amel, but when she was in Groove Theory, and just last week I downloaded Hello It’s Me by GROOVE THEORY! Stephen King has nothing on me! LOL

    • So OHN picked Amel too? Pretty cool. Maybe the universe is starting to get on the same groovey wave length! (smile).

  3. yeah, ‘i like that’ [in a Puff Daddy voice]…need to replace this CD, somewhere it got lost in Life’s shuffle. keep it coming sista. good music, good music…

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