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FGF: OverKill – Men At Work (HQ Audio)

When I listen to this jam… it grabs me every time.  Enjoy, as this is our featured artist for Friday.  Hopefully you guys will get use to our acronym of “FGF” which means “Feel Good Fridays” (through songs).

10 thoughts on “FGF: OverKill – Men At Work (HQ Audio)

  1. This happens to be a better song than the other singles. Colin Hay is a solo artist now, well, for years now. He’s pretty good, if you like mellow stuff.

    • Well hi Wilfredo from the OHN (ohellnawl.com/blog– check our Blogroll for their actual link) family! Thanks for stopping by man! I didn’t know that he’s a solo artist now, (been overseas too long) but loved the group at the time. Not sure what got into me when I selected this jam for our FGF, other than I liked the group and song. Hey– if you stopped by because of the song we choose this Friday, be sure to tune in next week… I think you’ll like that selection too. We welcome song suggestions as well… so shoot us the “mellow stuff” you refer to. Peace at ya’ man! Big ‘wink and smile’!

  2. Well, of course I had to click on your monicker, Jazz, you’ve been lurking too long, and I decided to greet you in your turf. I’m glad that I have! I will certainly make sure to check in on Fridays to find out what songs you’re feeling at the moment. I’m currently enjoying some Middle Eastern fusion, from folks like Natacha Atlas, Jah Wobble and Bill Laswell and also some Italian folks like Vinicio Capossela and Paolo Conte. I know it seems pretty pretentious, but I just love music and learning about other folks by way of music.
    Let me stop now, lol.
    BTW, there was an episode of Scrubs where the theme of the episode of that song with Colin Hay singing. FYI.
    Looking forward to your next post.

    • Welcome, welcome to our house you funny and cool mofo, u! (that’s Slaus language– lol). Didn’t actually know that about “Scrubs”– again, recently returning from overseas so catching up on things in the states… but really good to know because I like that freakin’ show. It totally cracks me up! Seems you remember me from my post on OHN back in the day! Very cool. Your taste in music is sooo not pretentious here– we dig it, cuz music makes the world go ’round! You have to “hip” me to the Mid-East fusion… that’s a new spin for me. Since I’ve been to Italy (Rome)– not quite feeling that area of “sounds”. It is the best example of an oxymoron— “BEAUTIFULLY HATEFUL”! They DO NOT like black folks there. Not rumored, but a first hand experience… you dig? Again… welcome, welcome Wilfredo! Hope you find our postings informative, enlightening and groove to our picks on “FGF’s”. P.S. thanks for the name of that Aussie (Colin Hay) from Men At Work– I personally think he has a great voice. I’ll be dedicating the next FGF to you, man!

  3. Regarding the fusion I referred to earlier:

    Done, lol!
    I’ve been going crazy looking for the soundtrack of this Spanish movie that was filmed in Andalucia, where the fusion of music is fantastic! Gypsy, Middle Eastern and Spanish blending into one fantastic concoction! Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it anywhere, and I don’t know the actors’ names of the flick. So frustrating.

    I’m so sorry to hear about Italy. It’s not a good rep for any country to have. It’s always ugly witnessing such a thing. Worse if you’re on the business end of it.
    Well, it’s Friday night and I’m sitting in front of a PC… I should really do something to fix that.
    Thank you for those kind words. It made staying home worth it, lol!
    Consider your site bookmarked.
    Let me know what you think of the song.

    • Hi there– I just checked this out and way to go! I’m going to have to broaden my ear for these types of sounds! and thanks for the kind words and bookmark man! We want to try to keep it interesting that’s for sure. you’re going to make me add another day of music for the music lovers out there!!! oh yeah… don’t be sorry about Italy though… i say spread the words to the black community so that they never waste their money on a vacation there. i remember meeting a few black american couples/families while i was there– it wasn’t an isolated incident. we were all pretty surprised by our treatment too. but, thanks for stopping by again… we will try to keep everyone engaged, that’s for sure.

  4. lol…this was the jam back in the day! props on these last two selections, Brand New Heavies is my shit too! speaking of the Heavies, they’ve got some bangers on The Rhyme Experience Vol.1– cats like Kool G, Guru, Tiger, Pharcyde and Grand Puba. i know that’s hip-hop but it seems to me like Feel Good Friday’s is all about “good” music, period. but yeah, back to Men At Work…classic 80s. when i heard it – again, for the first time in a long while – for some reason English Beat popped-in next to it [in my head, that is]. and yes i know, we’re talkin’ oranges and tangerines (UK vs. Aussie) but the vibe is similar. Men At Work, though, has definitely got to get in my collection.

    oh yeah, here’s a link for The English Beat…hope it works.

    • Well hi Stonz! Glad FGF took you back! We have a wide range of music we want to post to make EVERYONE feel good on a Friday! And you have to know that there will definitely be some cool rap music added too. I have a huge appreciation for good music of all types. And Pharcyde was off to such a great start back then so it’s ashame that they are no longer jamming. And I remember this song, just never knew the group. And no such things as “oranges and tangerines (UK vs. Aussie)”, we just like good music, you dig? (smile). Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!

  5. It’s funny that you picked that song from The English Beat, it happens to be in my “Favorites” folder; but it’s only because I wasn’t able to download this song…

    …at that particular time. This is the part where I confess that, every once in awhile, I like to sing karaoke *gasp* I’ll own up to it. Of course, I could never sing it like that Anglo dude. I love it though, lol.

    • Haha, on kararoke– i confess, i like that activity too. nothing like your slightly inebriated friends trying to sing songs in front of strangers. i like to throw the entire group off by singing some Patsy Kline– that usually really gets the crowd going. It’s all about breaking barriers and making people come together in the one way that is universal– music! Good pick here! Thanks for the trip down memory lane too!

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