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Wanda Sykes: Update

This woman is hilarious!  Note: The second clip ends at the 6 minute mark for her shtik.  Her routine was funny to me, so thought I’d post it.  Enjoy and laugh!

UPDATED:  I’m seeing that some people were offended by some of her jokes.  That surprises me because there are far more important things actually happening in the world.  If George Carlin were alive and did those same jokes, I wager that everyone would see no harm.  A bit of history on Ms. Sykes, she actually use to work in the U.S. government prior to starting comedy.  A final note– this was a correspondence dinner not the G8 Summit.  I’ll admit that the kidney failure joke was a bit harsh, but hasn’t Limbaugh been pretty harsh himself?  I thought 85% of her jokes that night gets a PASS.   Comedy is really social commentary with jabs and pokes being part of the territory.  We can get fired up by the darndest things.  How about getting fired up by torture and war crimes, the Federal Reserve, the Bailouts or the bogus war in Iraq that we are currently in?  What next?  Should she be waterboarded for the jokes that failed?  Lighten up people… more serious things are at stake.


2 thoughts on “Wanda Sykes: Update

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    Looking to do some heavy hitting blogs this week…please send it out to your contacts. I am really trying to build readership, and feedback.


  2. Hello– will do! I’ve been utilizing a promotion site called “” so far, to help with viewership. Readers are linking to my site from there. I’m also trying to find effective ways to get the ‘posting of comments’ up. If you go to their site, click “About Us” and it will explain how you can sign up and start to have them promote your site as well.

    No problem with adding your blog to my contacts– that’s what it’s all about. By the way, wasn’t Wanda Sykes’ routine hilarious? Her voice and comedic timing is great! Have a great day and thanks for visiting us.

    Why O’ Why []

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