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The Federal Reserve System… have U.S. citizens been decieved?

When I watched this documentary, I fell out of my chair.  I have never understood why Alan Greenspan was “the authority” for this country’s financial system.  After watching this film, it became clear why whenever he spoke, everyone listened.  We listened, because we didn’t really know any better.   I’m glad to discover that there is an awakening that is happening in this country (finally). 

People from all walks of life are becoming outraged by what has been quietly taking place.  When you watch this film, I think you will agree that the Federal Reserve Act and System, needs to be abolished .  It is, simply put… organized crime.  This is only one piece to a larger puzzle, but one of the reasons we wanted to start a blog, is to help get the word out about the many layers, that is our government.  We’ve posted a few subjects on politics and our government previously, and we will continue to encourage you to do you own research– we maintain that position, even with this documentary. 

Our goal with our postings on subjects of this nature is to help you get started or a place to begin your searches.  The information may seem limitless and overwhelming, but the fact is, there is information available now more than ever.  In case you are unaware of this, the internet is currently under fire.  More regulations are beginning to be drafted and the internet as we know it today, could be banished (if we’re not careful).  I personally have always believed that their is power in numbers.  So educate yourselves, get involved and become active.  I have recently won a triumph, a triumph that some predicted would be impossible.  My secret weapon was only KNOWLEDGE.  Knowledge really IS power.  I have felt so empowered by that experience, it opened the door for my next challenge against “the powers that be”.  I may be only 5′ 1″ and a tiny little woman to “them”, but I’ve got two things in my favor; knowledge and I’m truly my father’s daughter.  I fear no man (or in this case, a system), which is something I attribute to my father.

A side note for the possible “nay sayers”; (and this will have more meaning once you’ve viewed the first documentary) some  former employees of the IRS (who actually resigned of their own volition and not terminated) are beginning to come forth.  The most notable name I came across initially was Joe Banister, and then there was Sherry Peel Jackson– a sister who showed no fear!  While her battle has just begun (in a sense), she will be victorious too.  We’ve decided to attach part 1 of 2 videos from a man named Tom Cryer (part 2 will load automatically), an Attorney in Louisiana that was charged with tax evasion in 2007 and found not guilty.  Check out his video below.  Again, we are only encouraging you to look at information, do your own research and go from there.  Mr. Cryer’s case is well documented and easily researchable.  I was surprised that we could find his public documents so easily too. 

We realize that most of our postings so far have been somewhat “heavy”, but we do like to chuckle as well.  So with that, we would like to end this posting on a lighter note with a non-related “giggle” for you.  You’ll want to laugh after reviewing everything prior to this point, so do enjoy… and then, GET BUSY!  A SPECIAL NOTE: while we do not condone small children using profanity– this gets a PASS because of the shear innocence of the child, plus she has a cute little lisp.  You will hear her mother “correcting her” [even though mom is laughing] about her language.  Hey– you may have seen it before, but we still chuckle at it, so… smile! 

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