Angela Davis: The Movie


I’ve been hearing tales/rumors that production is close to being underway about Angela Davis’ amazing story and life.  I am happy to see that this might be done.  But… I am disappointed and very disturbed to think that the producers behind this venture, wants to hand over this important role in history, to a no talent like Beyonce (or Bounce as we refer to her).  It is an utter a joke to slide this role to someone like her.  Beyonce/Bounce’s snatch or crotch,  has been shown on the internet more times than I can count.  She’s a true competitor with Brittney Spears for those types of pictures.  I am just as offended by this potential offer of her in this role, as I was with her portraying  Etta James   Shit… whatever film she’s in,  I think the movies usually ended up be a  bomb, if I’m not mistaken… as they should have. 

We here, at Why O’ Why, feel that some other really talented black women, should be contemplated for the role instead.   So here are a few legitimate choices that should be considered to play the role of Angela Davis because these women can actually act, and not just read the lines of a script.  

1) Taraji Henson.  She not only recieved an Oscar recently, but she was just fantastic in a movie called “Talk to Me”.


2) Queen Latifa— “Chicago”, “Living Out Loud”, “Set It Off”— her range is solid… so enough said.

Queen Latifah


3) Sanaa Lathan; “Out of Time” with Denzel Washington, “Something New”– she shows enough range to present Angela well, too.


For the fourth place slot we’d say, Angela Bassett and finally Halle Berry.  I’d like to see the biopics spread out a little among black actresses so that’s why Halle and Angela make the bottom of our list– they’ve portrayed biopics.  But rest assured, we can see them bringing some real acting skills to this role as well.  But freakin’ Bounce (Beyonce)?!   Never!   That will be yet another movie I wouldn’t pay to see or even watch on television if she’s actually selected for that role.  So to the producers who are rumored to want her for this role– WTF are you thinking?!  Are you trying to make a biopic like “Ray” (where Jamie Foxx did so well as Ray Charles) or are you just trying to make a quick buck and hoping that Bounce will help you do that?!  Seriously– WTH are you thinking?!   It would be a huge FAIL, in our opinion.  I’m in the demographic you’re trying to reach, and that concept is not working.  Heed the warning.  Beyonce equals cat shots via paparazzi, the choices we listed could mean tthe difference of a “Sundance Film Festival” award or not, and a solid ‘nod’ for your efforts.

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