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9/11: Un-answered questions, so why isn’t everyone concerned?

911 plane

As much as I’d like to believe the final 9/11 Commission Report’s findings, there are a few un-answered questions that have never left my mind.  Questions based on logic, not necessarily, scrutiny.  When we began looking at this subject, we found one profound thing… a passport.  A piece of paper that remained in tact, while steel turned into molten lava? Boiling steel remained in that area for several weeks, but a simple piece of paper survived?  It’s a question that can’t be escaped or ignored.  Steel from those buildings, piping systems from the many bathrooms—all were crushed and burned, dissolved to a pulp.  But a piece of paper remained?

The other thing that remained ‘curious’ was how quickly all of the “bad guys” were identified and confirmed.  I believe the turn-around was approximately 3-4 days after this horrible event.  Here is our thinking… no notice or alarms prior to the event, but suddenly our government was able to identify 19 “confirmed” enemies?   Really, ponder that… I mean really take your time to think about that for a moment.   I’ll take you back briefly with my personal experience on that day.

My phone was ringing excessively that morning as I was getting dressed for work.   The messages I’d received indicated that friends couldn’t locate someone very close to us.   Two weeks or more after 9/11,  we were still searching for this person.  We came up ‘lucky’ as this person was eventually located and turned out to be fine.  But that unforgettable feeling has never left me—I was fortunate, but so many were not.   This is why 9/11 will always stay with me.  So now… we are asking questions; “what really happened that day”?  What is happening now, too?  I’ll need to add these pieces of history before going further.   The word ‘conspiracy’ seems to indicate that a person is reaching for something that can’t possibly be true, right?

Well… let me remind you of a few things…  it was a conspiracy that directed Brutus against Caesar in the Roman Senate.  It was a conspiracy that directed Lincoln’s assassination with John Wilkes Booth as the culprit.  And then there was Lee Harvey Oswald—the conspiracy that continues to surround JFK’s assassination.  What we are attempting to convey by these historical examples, is that ‘conspiracy’ is indeed a part of history.  So when people use the term “conspiracy”, why is that dismissed, and a person who uses the term is simply considered, ‘paranoid’?

Why are we bringing this up now?  Simple… we’re beginning to see a pattern. We are finding that through devastating events, the populace becomes so shattered or broken, and just enough to allow our rights to be taken from us or compromised, without fully being aware.

I read a story earlier today regarding the Voting Rights for Blacks in the U.S.  When I think on how long it actually took before legislation was made and a group of people could actually participate in a fundamental right, it invoked in me, how truly tragic the American dreams’ illusion is.  What was thought back then to be “solved or resolved” regarding Black people’s “right to vote”,  actually goes under “debates/votes” every so often by the Supreme Court “justice” system.   This basically means that an illusion of “triumph” was only temporary.  The people who fought so hard and died for Blacks to have their votes cast and be included as a part of this country, may have done what they thought was best, but our Government, (obviously) had another agenda in mind.   The Voting Rights was only a temporary fix to a problem that should have been permanent. Here’s the link to that small “blurb” that has such significance: http://www.eurweb.com/story/eur52954.cfm.  I’ve yet to see mainstream media report on this, even when there have been numerous discussions.

That was only one example of a group of people where an act by “our government” has created an illusion.  We can even compare that historical event with our current voting system for everyone when the 2000 election was stolen—but that is another area of discussion.

So after reading this “blurb” on Blacks’ voting rights, I began to see how important it is to align myself with this taboo subject of ‘conspiracy’ and get involved.  From where everyone here at Why O Why sits, ‘conspiracy’ only means something to divert our attention from a much bigger picture… a truer picture.  That is absolute proof that they (our government) is hiding something.

I’ve been to Iraq and I’ve spoken to hundreds of soldiers there, from every branch of the military with every ranking.  I have not met one person who has a clue as to why we are there!   I take that back… military forces from every branch of services, overwhelmingly tells me that we invaded that country because of their oil.   But other than that, it makes no sense whatsoever especially when you know that more than half of the men who attacked that day, came from Saudi Arabia.  We’ve “bogarted” our way into a country—just mafia’d muthfuckaz because we can and we want to steal their oil.  Our government has gone gangster all in the name of greed and control.  But in the meantime citizens busy lives, hinders us from discovering the truth about that day.  We can find time to twitter, text and play video games, but not seriously examine what is happening in this country?  This is the first time in my life that I actually feel very nervous about the direction things are going.  I want to help you with your search for understanding what is happening now because of 9/11.  I realize there is so much material to gather, so I’ve added parts 1 and 2 of this documentary for you to view (you’ll see them below in this thread).  I hope that they will peak your interests and you will load the remaining parts of this documentary.   Just click them and let it load.  In the meantime you can feed the kids, help them with their homework and baths, and by the time you’re done with all of that, these clips from that documentary should be ready to view.  I would have preferred to load the entire documentary instead, but some links load very slowly.  Naomi Wolf’s film is chilling, but empowering at the same time.  Your priorities will change once you view these because the clock is ticking.

I will always state and suggest,  that people should not believe everything you hear, or read for that matter, through mainstream sources.  Some media sources do a better job of reporting the facts than others, though but our media is failing us too.  Do your own research— because information right now,  is still available.   By the way— the internet is now coming under fire.   New regulations and discussions are being considered.   If you decide to have a simple blogsite, exercising your freedom of speech with your thoughts and opinions (like this one is), that may soon be something that becomes obsolete– if we’re not careful.   Every moment really does count.   We pay a tab (through taxes) for every thing that is happening in this country right now.   A good example of that, is the current “bailout” funds.  We are involved whether we recognize it or not.  The “powers that be” are still moving forward– but we can change the outcome by becoming aware and getting involved.  Again, the clock is ticking.   Tick, tick, tick…

UPDATE: try this link for the video.  I see that utube’s sorry ass is blocking it.


3 thoughts on “9/11: Un-answered questions, so why isn’t everyone concerned?

  1. In that picture, there is lots of debris, including paper! Note that they are not piled together, but scattered around the street and blocks. Note ALSO that there is an airplane seat cushion…which is flammable. And yet it survived. Paper surviving doesn’t sound so impossible now, does it?

    Much more than a “simple piece of paper” (of which a passport is NOT) survived.

    In February of 2002, Saudi Arabia confirmed 15 of the 19 hijackers were theirs.

    Source: http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2002/02/06/saudi.htm

    The FBI resolved ALL issues concerning the 19 hijackers in November of 2001.

    Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2001/11/02/attack/main316806.shtml

    • Hello– thanks for joining the debate. Good stuff you have there… at least on the surface. I won’t try to bore our readers with a very lenthy response, but I did want to reply in some form. the (1st) photo you suggest, does not really indicate how many blocks/distance from the Trade Towers. How do you know for sure that there is a seat cusion from one of the planes on that day? Only skimmed your second reference (out of trying to reply timely to your response– i will view the entire document shortly), but it does appear that you are agreeing with our findings that it was Saudis, not Iraqis that had anything to do with 9/11. if it’s Saudis, then the question remains– why is the U.S. in Iraq? I am assuming that you also know that a few of the men named for this attack, were also found to be alive and well, right? And for your final reference, well– not to appear bias in any way, but I believe Dan Rather (from CBS) was fired for putting forth questions surrounding Bush’s past– he’s certainly no longer with CBS after that story aired. Not to rush my response, because again– glad to engage in a debate (of course), but I think some of the information you bring forth is not quite the “smoking gun” for anything conclusive. MSM media has lost so much credibility– even before 9/11, it’s difficult for us to take their reports seriously (on this subject). Again– whenever hard hitting evidence is surfaced on this subject and there is a brave reporter– they are ‘silenced’. If you trace it back far enough, you will only find a few “heavy hitters” for sourced media– Associated Press is one of them. Follow the money and the answer comes to surface everytime. Hey– you’re still on my Blogroll– i like the different points of view and the challenge. That is what free speech and opinion is all about… well… at least right now– right? (cough, cough– Patriot Acts I and II). Stop by anytime conservative09.wordpress– we welcome all thoughts here!

      Sidebar: Why are conservatives (Repubs) so convicted in their thoughts/beliefs instead of being open to new perspectives? Correct me if I’m wrong, but conseratives appear to be BLACK and WHITE only. I’m not a democrat, as a matter of fact i’d actually place myself more of a Libertarian if i were to place myself in a category at all. Just curious on your thoughts for that. Let’s debate anytime– again– you’re still on the Blogroll and as far as I’m concerned, you will always be. (smile)

      • One more thing on the ‘cusion’ photo… if the ‘authorities’, want to submit that as part of any evidence for that day (i realize you’re only addressing my passport reference too), then why was all of the evidence in that area shipped off overseas without being allowed to be examined by any outside forensic entities? Just curious.

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