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Tisha Campbell-Martin: Now That’s Talent!

After returning from overseas, I actually do look forward to a sitcom or two (or three) to rid the stresses of my day.  Seems upon my return, all sitcoms have been dissolved.  “King of Queens”, gone!  “Will and Grace”, gone! “My Wife and Kids”, gone!  WTF happened?!!  Everything on television seems to be centered around those horrible reality shows that are airing now.  And then I found a sitcom on Lifetime called “Rita Rocks”.

I tuned in only because it has Tisha Campbell-Martin in it.  I think she is truly overlooked in “weirdy-wood”! (aka “hollywood”).   She has so much range in her abilities as a performance artist.  In addition to her humble beginnings on stage, and acting in film/TV– she can also really, really sing!  She is truly under appreciated in our opinion.   She has no vanity, plus she can sing with a real range of vocals to boot!  And her comedic timing is completely in tune with some of the great comediennes of the past!  I’d place her right in that category with Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball!   I would like to see her in her own damn sitcom one day soon!    I mean, why couldn’t the main character that “Rita Rocks” is centered around, be the secondary character instead?  And why does the black female character on sitcoms, seem to never have a husband/boyfriend or has to be divorced?  Some black women are actually happily  married,  you know?

We at Why O’ Why, want to know what you think so check out her range… here is one sample of her incredible vocal cords from, “My Wife and Kids”:      A special note to Mrs. Campbell-Martin though— please wear you own hair.   I’m finding that it so much more flattering to you, rather than attaching a blonde weave.  I’d never guess that you were forty-one when I see this make over!    tisha-has-a-new-lookWe still luv ya’ , but a big KUDOS to your stylist– she’s a real friend to you!  You’ve never looked better!

2 thoughts on “Tisha Campbell-Martin: Now That’s Talent!

  1. I’ve had my eye on her ever since Little Shop of Horrors, but not in a creepy way. She is a dream! You are right on all counts!

    Listening: Eugene by Andrew Bird (Highly Recommended)

    • Tisha is an overlooked load of talent in my opinion. She deserves her own sitcom too. And I LOVED Little Shop of Horrors! Quirky, funny and the soundtrack was the shit! And your admiration didn’t sound creepy at all. I’m just glad she’s put down the dreadful weaves. She looks so much better without them. It’s like Venus and Serena… pretty girls, but boy do they have terrible taste in the fake hair. I think Venus looks so much better with her hair natural too.

      Listening: Going to check out your recommendation…

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