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Presidential Address on 4/30/09…

One thing leads to another.     With that said, nothing about our POTUS’ recent address, has made me feel more comfortable.   As much as I want to believe the “chants” of his campaign, I’m simply uncertain.   From his “swine flu” address during his interruption of televised programming, to the tortures that are now being “investigated”, or even, government shareholdings.   I now find myself wondering, more than ever, what is truly happening within our government.   I recently discovered that the word; “al Qaeda”, literally means; “database”.  So in other words, there is no name for this “supposed” terrorist organization that attacked NY during 9/11.   Let me remind you of a quote by G.W. Bush during one of his formal dinner speeches, “no… they’re [weapons of mass destruction) not here”.  (Check out this source for that reference:  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3570845.stm)   So, dare I say, could this all be a horrible guise?    Look up the phase; (“al Qaeda”) on your own as well, please don’t take our word for that definition.    We would welcome confirmation of your findings too.   We invite you to (please) correct us if we’re wrong.    We are not experts here, nor do we profess that.   But our POTUS continues to remain under scrutiny, from our perspective.  He may not be at fault here.   He could be like that coined phrase from the “Wizard of Oz”…” pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”.   Problems still ‘under-lie’, the surface.    So what are your thoughts?    This is a summation of things to come, therefore, discuss.     Let us hear from you.     Tell your friends about us too– this topic (and many others) is very important.     We’re finding that we are gaining ground with our efforts.  Your opinions/ thoughts are absolutely important to us.barack_obama_face_2    Don’t be shy– speak to us,  instead of  ‘perusing’ our blog.  We genuinely want to hear from you.  We still believe in the U.S Constitution, Bill of Rights and free speech here.  Do you?  Your voice does count!

5 thoughts on “Presidential Address on 4/30/09…

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  2. i guess i’ll chime in on this one since everybody still seems to have post-election hangover. let me first say that i voted for Obama and up until recently, i was impressed with the way he was tackling the issues that face the country…and just because i was impressed doesn’t mean that i agreed with every move. however, things Change. there is a provocative documentary available on the Net that tells us a different story…a more believable story. well, let me back-track. it will be believable to the citizens who live by due diligence. for those many among us who are card-carrying followers, it will appear as the opposite. whether you believe it or not, common sense admonishes us to at least take a look. take a look and see how we’ve been deceived for decades, and how ‘Right Now’ is the icing on the cake. this is serious if ever serious was. if anybody else has seen this, please share your comments…the more exposure this gets, the better chance we have of remaining free. but are we free now? a question for us all… [www.prisonplanet.tv]

  3. thank you for posting and visiting us. I’ve seen the documentary that you are referring to. it does give one great pause, doesn’t it? while i too was happy about his election initially, i’ve since been concerned with the direction and choices he’s making. we hope to bring more awareness for everyone to review and consider.

    • Thank you for the compliment and for visiting. Stay tuned because we’re just getting started. There’s much more to come.

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