A re-post: W O W– What are we doing?..

We saw that some of you visited this post, but didn’t leave a comment. We, at Whyowhy, always want to encourage feedback and comments, therefore we are re-posting this for discussion. Please keep the comments related to the topic– no sideshots at people who leave comments on their views.  Debates are what we encourage here.  With that said..

What are your feelings about the current econmic crisis? Do you truly understand it?  Are you suffering in any way? Do you wonder where this huge mess stems from? Is it real or a horrible illusion? Has our government decieved us?  Do you have concerns about what mainstream media has been “reporting or telling us”?  We want to know all your thoughts.  Do not hold back.   We’ve agreed here, that our world is changing swiftly and dramatically… so don’t be shy and tell us what you think.  We’re currently gathering experts– they’ll want to hear your concerns and questions too.

Sidebar: Have you ever read the novel; “1984” by George Orwell?

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