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The Tortue Debates

I just visited http://eurweb.com/and there was an interesting debate going on about Obama. While their topic is sort of a sidebar issue, they were still discussing our POTUS. It lead me to this question… what is the difference with releasing information that is clearly defined as torturing enemies in the name of eradicating terrorism, and what the military was caught doing at Abu Graihb? Those involved were not only scrutinized, but punished for their actions. Geneva Conventions has clearly been violated in both charges; detainees in both cases were definitely, physically injured. So why is there a debate about bringing charges against from Rice to GW Bush? While those at the White House didn’t physically participate, they are definitely responsible when issuing and okaying the orders for torture… aren’t they? I’m just saying.

5 thoughts on “The Tortue Debates

    • Indeed it is! Well… if one has a soul! I like the comment 🙂 How did you find us? We’re just getting started and learning how to navigate, so we are curious. Thanks for visiting– tell your friends!

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