Dog Lovers

Ok… we are indeed animal lovers here.  Some of us like dogs, while others on staff, prefer cats– to each is own. Pets are cool in our opinion. But I do draw a line. I don’t want to be in a hotel or restaurant where a dog has been because some pet owners do not take care of their pets’ hygiene.  Some of their versions of cleaning is sending their pets to the groomers every six months.  I also would not share a spoon that a dog licks while i’m eating from it too. I do have to point this out though– a dog’s mouth is much cleaner than a human’s, as confirmed by the dental industry.  Considering that their puppies are totally reliant upon their mothers during the first 6-8 weeks, I tend to believe that.  So, with that said…

Do you feed your pet from the same utentsil that you’re eating from, while you’re eating?  We want to know your truths, so don’t hold back. If you love your pets as we do, you’ll answer honestly. This post is really about your pets and for kicks and giggles.  Don’t be shy– tell us what you do.

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