“The Views”, Elisabeth Hasselbeck…

This child of God bothers me more and more.  It was bad enough that people had to listen to her crazy “rants without facts” during the Presidential Election, but now we have to entertain her obsession with The Bachelor?  I tuned in this moring for their Hot Topics (I really enjoy when Joy Behar gets on her about her warped views).  But this morning during their Hot Topics segment, I had to watch her home video of all of  her friends having a Bachelor party to watch which slut  who this guy will chose.  I really think there are far more important issues to discuss by the way, but I digress. 

Can someone please tell me what is so different about “The Bachelor”, Flavor Flave, Bret Michaels, and those horrid Ray J and I love NY shows?  I mean, aren’t all of these women chicks doing the same thing?  Vying for one dudes attention (yes, that includes NY because I’m not convinced that “she” really is a woman) and embarressing themselves as well as potentially catching MONO?  How is it that she finds that show different from all the others?  I mean, aren’t the women being catty towards each other and making out with a total stranger in attempt to grab their 15 minutes of fame find “true love” on all of these shows?  Hasselbeck may be in her 30’s but her mind is truly like a teenagers”.  Check out the clip I’m referring to here: UPDATE: THAT VIDEO NO LONGER EXISTS (unfortunately).

She really bothers me, how about you?  I think “The View” can do better.

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